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Here are the following tour dated for when WWE goes overseas in the fall…

* November 10th - Innsbruck, Austria
* November 11th - Nurnberg Arena in Nurnberg, Germany
* November 12th - Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany
* November 13th - SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany
* November 14th - Istanbul, Turkey

Tickets for the events in Germany go on sale May 1st at 9AM.

The Istanbul, Turkey show is replacing the recently canceled event there. Tickets for the canceled event will be honored on the new date.

With WWE rescheduling the Innsbruck, Austria show for November 10th, the WWE event in Graz, Austria originally scheduled for November 10th has been canceled. Tickets for the original show in Innsbruck, Austria will be honored on November 14th.

Zach Levine sent this report in from RAW: For a show that I was afraid was going to be cancelled this past weekend, I enjoyed RAW in East Rutherford this week quite a bit. Got to the arena around 6:30 p.m. and saw my first "Europe Can Keep Cena" sign, so the crowd was pretty opinionated all evening.

As the show began, Chimmel made the announcement about refunds. Say what you will about the WWE, but classy move on their end. I'm curious to know how many people are going to take the WWE up on the refund offer, especially after we get the nice surprise of an Undertaker match.

First match was Yoshi vs. Ryder. Pretty solid match, seemed like Ryder was a bit stiff with Yoshi at some points. Enjoyed the bout though, normal Superstars match-up.

Second match we got was Morrison vs. Carlito. Really good match, and Carlito shocked the hell out of me breaking out his triple jump moonsault where he bounced twice on the top rope and did a senton tackle. A little surprised Morrison won with the flying chuck rather than starship pain, but regardless decent match.

Crowd was real hot for HHH when he came out. Thought he made some good remarks about the situation, and everyone seemed to enjoy his back and forth with Punk. Believe Punk got some chants throughout the verbal battle. Seemed like a bit of a rehash of their Smackdown verbal battle though, and I was surprised HHH took a shot at Lillian when she came out and bailed the company out at the last minute.

McIntyre-Hardy was what it was. Only think most people sitting around me were mad about was that McIntyre came out too fast and we missed his music. Best music in the WWE today.

I'm an SNL fan, so I enjoyed the MacGruber skits. Had some funny lines, and the crowd wasn't bashing it, so I say it was a success. Appearance of Ryan Phillipe was a bit random, especially since he didn't show up with the rest of the cast in the beginning, but still a nice surprise to see him on the show as well.

Swagger-Taker was an awesome match from a live point of view. Swagger is really picking up some heat. We were surprised it was on a free show, seemed like a PPV quality main event, but still quite happy about seeing the match live.

The three on three match at the end of the show was pretty solid as well, Just laughed because with all of the competitors in the match, we had a poll going in our stands where one person said, "No way Luke Gallows doesn't do the job here." Should have taken him up on the bet since Punk was left staring at the lights.

Dark match was simply bizarre. Punk and Gallows stayed out there, so we figured they would be involved, but it just became comedic at points. HHH and Taker fought them off, then Ziggler and McIntyre, then Carlito, Shad, Zack Ryder, Kozlov, Jericho and lastly the referee. At what point would the wrestlers stop running out to get their butts kicked? Just a pretty funny scene.

Last thing I wanted to mention was a really cool moment after the show. Went to a rest stop up the road with my buddy, who looked at me as we got in and said Skip Sheffield had walked out. Didn't see where he went, but as we stand on line, Darren Young comes in and stands behind me on line. Two girls in the front of the line freak out, Young nodded politely at them, and the cashier looks at the girls and said, "You know who he is, he knows who you him, go say something!" My buddy and I shook his hand and wished him good luck, couldn't of been a nicer guy.

So all in all, excellent show, and want to thank the WWE for putting on a clutch show in dire circumstances.

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