-- Lilian Garcia's appearance on RAW last night was a one-time deal to help WWE out with the RAW crew being stuck overseas. She wrote on Twitter: "Wow, what a night! Was called in 2 announce Raw since the Raw SS & Justin were stuck in Europe. Glad 2 help! Felt great!! :-) )"

-- As of Sunday night, WWE creative still didn't have a script finalized for last night's RAW. They were up all night Sunday night working on the show and have written a script for tonight to feature SmackDown! stars like normal.

-- The RAW crew is still in the same hotel in Belfast that they have been staying in. WWE had planned to charter a flight home tomorrow morning, but that all depends on if planes will be allowed to fly at that time. Much of the crew stayed up to watch RAW live last night. The show starts at 2AM local time there.

-- Kevin McGuffey sent this one along: Bill Goldberg was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today after his "firing" on the Celebrity Apprentice. They began by showing Goldberg's actual firing, then Ellen referred to him simply as Goldberg.. no Bill. She talked briefly about his past as a wrestler, to which Goldberg said he did that for 5-6 years and then moved on. Ellen asked him why he volunteered to be Project Manager instead of Bret Michaels, even though the task involved making over a couple of Country Music Singers. Goldberg said he was the only one who hadn't been project manager and thought it was his time…then added, "That was one of the stupider things I have ever done.. and I have done quite a few." Ellen asked him what his charity was and he said it was Sons of the Fallen--- A Group that helps Sons who have lost their fathers to the war. He said he felt bad that he didn't raise any money for them. They then talked about him love for animals and he said he and his wife have a number of horses. They finished by talking about his workout routine, saying he doesn't work out like he used to because he doesn't have to be 6'5" and 300 lbs. anymore.

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