-- As reported earlier, last night's episode of TNA iMPACT! scored a 1.0 cable rating. This is rounded up from an 0.95. The show averaged 1,334,000 viewers. Meanwhile, RAW scored a 3.1 cable rating (rounded up from 3.05) off a first hour 3.00 and second hour 3.10. Overall, RAW averaged 4,150,000 viewers last night. RAW's 3.05 was the show's lowest rating since the December 8, 2008 episode averaged a 3.01 rating.

-- We have just received the quarter hours for last night's iMPACT!: The first hour did .91, 1.02, 1.04, and 1.02. The second did quarters of .82, .95, .87, and .94. The show actually averaged a 0.95 off hours of 1.0 and 0.9 (against RAW).

-- The highest rating of the night was for Q3, which drew a 1.04 rating with Ric Flair talking. Quarters 2 and 4 did a 1.02.

-- Quarter 5, the first opposed segment, dropped to 0.82 for the end of Jeff Hardy-RVD, opposite Triple H and CM Punk's opening interaction. By Q6 the rating had gone back up to 0.95 but dropped again to 0.87 before climbing back to 0.94 for the ending of the world title match.

-- This past weekend's episode of A.M. RAW drew a 0.39 rating for USA, with 471,000 viewers.

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