Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

» Ted DiBiase is expected to make his return to the RAW brand this Monday, which is the three hour special edition of the 2010 Draft. The new heel group, The Fortunate Sons, which include the DiBiase brothers and Joe Hennig is expected to take form some time in May.

» There is a great deal of discussion within the locker room of doing a week where the SmackDown! crew does RAW, and the RAW crew does SmackDown!. The idea originally was brought forth when the RAW crew suffered numerous delays on the UK. Had they made their return to the US on Tuesday, the RAW crew would have worked this week's SmackDown. Talks of the idea lead to creative possibly having the RAW and SmackDown! crew's switching it up in the Summer time, and again in the Fall, with another switch up in the final week prior to the Bragging Rights PPV.

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