A new Jim Ross blog has been posted at JRSBARBQ.com Some highlights:

On being honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club: CAC was a great experience and I certainly hope to attend on an annual basis. The Mrs had a great time too which always helps. I am shocked that more successful, pro wrestlers and that ALL wrestling organizations aren't more supportive of CAC which is a completely, 100% non profit organization. All active wrestlers should become Lifetime Members for the $500 one time fee plus all wrestling organizations should ask CAC what they can do to help the organization rather than to put them on ignore as if CAC did not exist. That's just damn embarrassing.

On the recent WWE releases: I did not answer any emails on recent WWE releases because I do not know the reasons why other than perhaps the decision makers felt it was time to make changes and that creative opportunities for the released talents had come and gone. Perhaps there were other issues that we are not privy to. Nonetheless it isn't the end of the world for any of the released talents and they simply need to regroup, reinvent, refocus, and get back in the game if that is their desire. Taking a few months off as in the 90 non compete clauses they likely have isn't a bad thing. Bottom line, if these talents want to stay relevant in the pro wrestling biz I'm sure that they will be able to do so.

On Mark Henry's Belfast issue: Another emailed subject that I did not address in detail is the alleged 'incident' that involved Mark Henry in Belfast with a fan. I wasn't there. I heard one side of the story of which there are always two. I like Mark Henry, even if he is a Texas Longhorn fan (that's a joke), and feel that this matter may have simply perhaps been a 'rib' gone awry involving some very tired, frustrated travelers. Think of it this way, if Mark Henry had really wanted to assault a fan who could have truly restrained Mark? Mark Henry isn't a dumb guy nor is he going to put himself and WWE in a position to where Mark is arrested and detained in a foreign country. Not withstanding the fact that Henry would likely be sued for all he has by the offended party. Again, I wasn't there but I know that under normal circumstances that Mark Henry is a good natured man of character who I have known for years since we signed him in around 1995 or 96.

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