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CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Punk dominated the opening moments of the match, with members of the SES interfering at different points. Punk dominated Mysterio and went for several pinfall attempts, with Mysterio continually kicking out at two.

At one point, Punk went for the GTS, but Mysterio was able to power out of it and went for the 619. When he hit the ropes, Serena grabbed Mysterio's foot. The referee proceeded to send both Luke Gallows and Serena to the back. While this was going on, Mysterio nailed Punk outside the ring with a dropkick, followed by an Asai moonsault. Mysterio rolled Punk back in the ring for a two count. Mysterio continued on offense, and managed to get a couple more two counts. Mysterio came off on Punk with a splash off of the ropes, but Punk timed a dropkick into the ribs of Mysterio to regain the advantage.

Later, Punk went for the GTS but Mysterio was able to roll out and roll Punk into a pin, but Punk kicked out. Punk kicked Mysterio in the head and got a two count. Mysterio regained the advantage and was finally able to hit the 619 but someone came from under the ring and threw a chair into the ring to distract the referee. The mystery man assaulted Mysterio outside the ring while the referee got rid of the chair. Punk then got Mysterio back in the ring and hit a GTS to get the win.

CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio.

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