World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger came to the ring first, followed by Orton who got a huge pop. Swagger gained the early advantage, working Orton on the ground with his amateur wrestling. Swagger went on to dominate the first several minutes of the match.

Swagger introduces the belt in the ring, but Orton knocks it out of his hands and follows up with several punches. Swagger regains the advantage by powerslamming Orton. Swagger then went for the splash from the second rope, but Orton grabbed the belt and drove it into Swagger's gut to regain the advantage.

Orton nailed Swagger with punches and kicks and went for the DDT from the outside of the ring, but Swagger backdropped Orton to the floor. Swagger grabbed a trash can from outside of the ring, but Orton grabbed it and nailed Swagger upside the head with it a couple of times. Orton then drove Swagger's head into the announcers table and then threw Swagger into the ringside steps. Orton placed Swagger's head on the steps and then stomped on it a couple of times. Orton threw Swagger back in the ring and stomped away on Swagger. Orton went for a knee and missed, and Swagger rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair. Before he could use it, Orton knocked it out of his hands and hit Swagger with his DDT. He motioned for the RKO, and then grabbed the chair. He set the chair up in the middle of the ring and went to RKO Swagger on the chair, but Swagger pushed him off and hit the gut-wrench powerbomb to get the clean pinfall victory.

Jack Swagger defeated Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Orton hit Swagger with an RKO outside of the ring.

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