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WWE Women's Championship
Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix

This is an 'Extreme Makeover Match', and there's a table of makeup setup outside of the ring that the women can use as a weapon.

Phoenix gained the early advantage before McCool nailed Phoenix in the eyes with hairsprary. McCool then grabbed an ironing board and nailed Phoenix with it, before getting Phoenix in a body scissors and going for a choke. McCool then took Phoenix outside of the ring, but Phoenix gained the advantage and threw McCool on the makeup table. She then got McCool back in the ring and hit her with a plastic bucket a few times for a two count. The crowd is dead for this one, and Striker asked "Who would have thought that a extreme makeover match could be so brutal." It is pretty brutal to watch.

The finish of the match saw both women countering each other before Phoenix hit a Glam-Slam on McCool to win the title.

Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool to win the WWE Women's Championship.

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