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WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match
John Cena (c) vs. Batista

A loud "Cena Sucks" chant broke out and Jerry Lawler noted that they were near Batista's hometown of Washington D.C. Cena gained the early advantage with a shoulder tackle, which prompted Batista to grab a chair from outside of the ring. Cena knocked the chair away and maintained the advantage, until he ran into an elbow to the side of the head from Batista. Cena got up at 5, and Batista kicked him in the head, but Cena got up at 3.

Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Batista reversed it and rammed Cena into the corner. Batista continued to work over Cena and maintain the advantage. Batista took the match outside of the ring, and Cena was able to regain the advantage by reversing Batista's attempt to throw him into the steps.

Cena got back in the ring, but Batista went back to work and put Cena in a figure four. Cena was able to turn it over, and Batista managed to get out of it. Both men were down for 5. They got back to their feet, but nailed each other with a clothesline. Both men were back up at 7, and Cena managed to nail Batista with a couple of shoulder tackles, and then hit the five knuckle shuffle. Batista rolled out of the ring and Cena went after him, but Batista hit Cena with a wrench from under the ring. Cena rolled into the ring and Batista got a chair and went back in the ring, but Cena hoisted Batista up in the Attitude Adjustment and dropped him on the chair.

Batista got up at 9 and Cena climbed to the top rope. Batista shoved the official into the ropes, and that forced Cena to be crotched on the top and fall to the mat. Batista then hit a spear, but Cena got up at 8 and Batista hit a second spear! Cena got back up at 9, and Batista went to the outside and grabbed a table, and threw it into the ring. Batista set the table up in a corner, but Cena tripped Batista and went for the STP, but Batista pushed Cena into the table. There were some booes for the weak table shot. Cena rolled out of the ring when the count his 8, and Batista continued on offense outside of the ring. The referee administered the count outside of the ring on a fallen Cena, but Batista picked Cena up and then threw him through the ringside barricade!

Cena managed to get up at 9, and Batista cleared off the announce table. Cena then grabbed the steel steps and set them up next to the table. Batista got Cena up on top of the ring steap and tried to Batista bomb him, but Cena reversed it and got him in the Attitude Adjustment and dropped Batista through the announce table! The referee counted 8 and Batista was able to get back to his feet! Cena grabber another table from under the ring and set it up in the middle of the ring. He went back outside of the ring and threw Batista in. He then went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Batista reversed it and nailed Cena with a spinebuster through the table. Cena got back to his feet at 9, and Batista nailed Cena with a Batista bomb!

Cena got back to his feet at 9, and Batista went outside and threw the steel steps into the ring. Batista went to powerbomb him, but Cena dropped Batista and got him in the STF. Batista started to tap, but it didn't matter since you can't win that way. Batista then passed out and Cena got back to his feet. Batista got back to his feet, and Cena grabbed duct tape from under the ring and hogtied Batista's legs around the ring post. Batista tried to get up but couldn't since his feet were tied, and the referee counted 10 for Cena to win the match. Great match, and very clever ending.

John Cena defeated Batista to retain the WWE Championship.

They ran longer than they usually do for PPVs, which usually end about 10-15 minutes before the hour. They have only one minute before the scheduled PPV end time. Cena did his "You can't see me" schtick to Batista while he left the ring as Batista remained tied to the ring post.

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