-- Taz has a new Facebook blog up, discussing Kurt Angle and MMA. Here is a portion of that blog… There has been a lot of speculation and scuttlebutt on "how would Angle do in MMA"? I've heard things like, Kurt is use to Pro Wrestling and lost his armature wrestling instincts, Kurt is too old, Kurt is to banged up....that's all a load of BULLs--t in my book! I have had the opportunity to know Kurt Angle for many years, traveled with him, trained with him, shared personal family issues with him, wrestled him and know him as a very good friend! I will tell you this, Kurt is a COMPLETELY different animal than anyone Ive come across in the world of Pro Wrestling, Martial Arts or amateur wrestling.

-- Dixie Carter posted the following regarding the weekend house shows… Prayers go out to those hit by tornados this weekend, especially around Yazoo City, MS, where I have many friends. We are going to raise $ at TNA House Shows in Vicksburg, MS 4/31 & Greenwood, MS 5/1 for tornado victims. Details to come.

-- TNA has announced the following lineup for their house shows in Vicksburg, Mississippi on April 30th and Greenwood, Mississippi on May 1st:

* Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles
* Abyss vs. Desmond Wolfe
* Shannon Moore vs. Jay Lethal vs. Brian Kendrick
* Jeff Jarrett vs. James Storm
* The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me
* The Beautiful People vs. ODB and Hamada

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