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Event: TNA Monday Night iMPACT!
Airdate: Monday, April 26th, 2010 (SpikeTV)
Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, FL
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And we're off. A great video package, with music and all, highlights RVD beating Jeff Hardy and defeating AJ Styles to win the World Title last week.

"Mr. Monday Night" is tonight's episode title. Pyro goes off and Tenay and Taz welcome us to the Impact Zone. Tonight, AJ Styles and Sting vs Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy, along with Ric Flair vs Abyss with both rings on the line.

And here comes the Hulkster, with pyro and all. He says things around here are wide open. He's been on a high (like RVD) ever since Lockdown, and things are changing around TNA. He says being the TNA Champion right now means more than anything he ever dreamed it could be. Being champ, being RVD, means he has a big target on his back. Because of that, he has to up his game. He says the talent is stepping up. Bischoff has apparently created a top ten ranking system, and the fans are going to have something to do with it. He says when RVD faced Hardy, he was on the Edge of his seat. Once he got by Hardy, RVD stepped back in the ring again, with one of the greatest wrestlers of our time, AJ Styles. He says no one can deny how great AJ is. He says when he hit the Five Star Frog Splash, things have changed. He now welcomes Mr. Monday Night himself, RVD.

And here comes your NEW champion. RVD thanks Hogan, and tells Hogan to feel free to call him "Mr. TNA". Hogan gives it a shot, welcoming "Mr. TNA, Rob Van Dam"! RVD says the reason he's there is because he figured Dixie Carter, Hogan and Bischoff and everyone in the organization would give him the fair opportunity to be Rob Van Dam. He says a lot of people won't understand their connection, or his connection with mother earth's finest. They don't get how he's such a cool, laid back dude and can kick so much ass. They don't have to understand why he's RVD, just that he's the best and that from this day forward, he will be the greatest TNA Champion ever. That's why he's the "Whole F'n Show"

GET READY TO FLY!!! It's my boy, AJ Styles, and he looks pissed. Flair's with him too (with NO wheelchair). Tenay reminds us that now RVD's champion, he's a human target. Hogan said no one invited either one of them out here. Styles asks if he's done talking. The crowd starts chanting "Ex World Champ", and AJ tells them to shut up. He says Hogan sounds like a Hallmark greeting card for God's sakes. He says RVD's right, there's millions of people who don't understand RVD. He's a hippie freak from Southern California, dude. He asks if he really said he was going to be the greatest world champ ever. He asks him if he's high, and the crowd all says yes. He says last week, he was beating the piss out of him, but because he slipped on the top rope, RVD won the title. He says if he didn't know any better, RVD lubed up the ropes because he knows he can fly. He doesn't want to compete in the tag match, he says he deserves a rematch. He says he's gonna get his rematch, when he wants it. He tells him to put that in his pipe and smoke it. Flair says he doesn't care about RVD and his lifestyle. He says he and Hogan have a personal problem. He says Hogan has taken responsibility for Abyss taking that ring. He swears to God that he is going to take his anger out on Abyss tonight. Abyss is done. You make a mockery of Flair, and you die. He's gonna walk the isle, style and profile, and that he's gonna take out Abyss.

The Beautiful People backstage, with Velvet saying she cant believe she has a defense already. Madison has to face two former champions tonight. Velvet says when it looks like TBP have things going their way, TNA management looks for a way to screw it up. Madison says she's not worried. All she has to do is watch them tear each other apart, and walk in for the pin.

Back from the commercial, and we're shown highlights of TBP and Angelina Love rivalry.

Madison Rayne(C) vs Angelina Love vs Tara - Three Way match - TNA Knockouts Championship

And all of The Beautiful People are coming out for this one. The ref tells them both to go to the back though, leaving Madison on her own. Madison bails out of the ring, and Angelina chases her back in, only to eat a clothesline from Tara. Showdown between Tara and Angelina leads to them both trading rights. Huge spear by Angelina, and now punching. Madison runs in for the pin but Tara gets the ropes. Tara flipping Angelina over, but Madison breaks up the pin. Boot to the side of Tara's head. And we're going back to commercial.

Back from commercial as Angelina takes down Madison. Pin but only two. Tara is out on the outside, selling a head injury. Madison tries to escape, but gets slammed down by Angelina. Pin but again only two. Tara back in and throws Angelina into the ring post. Madison rolls up Tara but Tara kicks out and hits a snap suplex, followed with a guillotine choke. Madison gets up and after a series of maneuvers both heads get slammed into the mat. Angelina back in and takes down both with a double clothesline. Angelina taking it to both of them with forearms. Jawbreaker to Tara followed by a bicycle kick to Madison. Modified sidewalk slam by Tara to Angelina. Madison pushes Angelina into Tara and rolls up Angelina for the win.

Winner-Madison Rayne-**-Nothing really bad here as it progressed the rivalry between Tara and Angelina.

Post match brawl between Tara and Angelina with security trying to break them up. Security somehow can't hold either one back. Tara is now in the corner, saying that she's really sorry. Angelina walks away but Tara blindsides her, sending her out of the ring.

Kaz(C) vs Shannon Moore - X Division Championship
Kaz may be champ, but he still doesn't have the belt. Both guys with a tie up to start things off. Hammerlock by Moore countered into an armbar by Kaz. Moore counters again. Kaz rolls out and hits an armdrag, followed by a slam. Misses the elbow and now multiple armdrags by Moore. Slam by Moore but misses a leg drop. Face off by both men now. Headlock by the champ. Powerbomb countered into a hurricanrana by Moore. Reverse atomic drop followed up with a leg drop. Pin but only two. Kaz avoids Moore in the corner and slingshots into the ring for an armdrag. Modified spinning neckbreaker by Kaz, but only gets two on the pin. Kaz launches Moore on the apron. Moore looks for a sunset flip, but Kaz holds on. Moore slips out and goes for a neckbreaker, but Kaz pushes him off into the ref. Moore to the top, but Kaz hits him with a huge kick. Kaz thinking hurricanrana off the top, but Moore shoves him off. Matt Morgan now out and shoves Moore off the top. The ref didn't see it and neither did Kaz. Reverse piledriver by Kaz for the win.

Winner-Kaz-*3/4-Too short to really be anything. Continuity from last week though is nice

Samoa Joe now coming out, and starring at Kaz. Superkick and now boots in the corner. MUSCLE BUSTER.

Abyss says the ring doesn't have magical powers, but has confidence. He says there's nothing he can't do. Flair, tonight is it. The ring means so much to him, he will never lose what the ring has given him. Whatchygonnado Flair, when Abyss takes your ring from you.

Morgan now asking Jesse Neal to be his partner. Neal says no way. Morgan says Neal makes Red look like a paperboy. Morgan brings up the promise Neal made to his best friend, who lost his life in the bombing. Morgan says he's offering him a golden ticket to make good on that promise. Morgan says they're done asking other people. They want him.

Up next, Styles and Sting vs Jarrett and Hardy.

Styles is shown walking in the back, saying he's about to take care of business as we head to commercial.

AJ Styles and Sting vs Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy - Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team match

Massive brawl to start things off. Jarrett with punches to Sting in the corner. Sting counters with a revers atomic drop but Jarrett comes back with an enzuigiri. On the ramp, Styles looks to suplex Hardy, but Hardy counters into one of his own. Jarrett attacks Sting with a chair in the crowd. Styles gets tossed into the ring by Hardy. Twist of Fate countered but Hardy hits a flying forearm. AJ tosses Hardy over the top and now works on Jarrett. Jarrett locks in a sleeper, and AJ hits a sloppy low blow counter. Hardy gets the tag, but the ref didn't see. Sting now in, hitting Jarrett with a suplex. It's been announced that at Sacrifice, it'll be Jarrett vs Sting. Sting ducks a clothesline and both men hit a double shoulder block, knocking each other down for the count. Hardy gets the tag, but AJ had the ref distracted again. Hardy attacks AJ anyways and hits him witha short arm clothesline. Reverse sitout suplex to AJ followed by a corner dropkick. Sting is now walking to back. Hardy to the top but AJ knocks him down. AJ and Hardy now battling out on the ramp. AJ looking for the Styles Clash but Hardy counters, throwing AJ off the ramp and into the guardrail. Jeff launches himself at AJ as Jarrett goes to the back to take it to Sting. They're now going up the stairs to the rafters. AJ on a tableas Hardy's thinking Swanton. And he's got a ladder set up now too. Sting hits Jarrett with a baseball bat multiple times. Sting pins Jarrett for the win as Hardy was about to jump off the ladder. The ref pulls AJ of the table now that the match is over.

Winnes-AJ Styles and Sting-**1/2-Good stuff here as it accomplished what it set out to. The Sting/Jarrett rivalry progresses, and it gives Hardy and AJ a match. A good match at that too, so it's all good.

Neal talking with Team 3D about Morgan's offer. Morgan offered Neal to be his partner to face them. Ray asks him if he's crazy. Neal says he'll take care of Morgan himself. Ray asks how Neal plans on becoming champ, and Neal says by beating them. Ray says good, and tells him to be prepared. Devon tells him not to put his full trust in Morgan.

And we're back, and The Pope IS PIMPIN'! He's got a pimpin' patch over his eye and a sling on his arm. We get highlights of how Dinero hurt his shoulder at Lockdown. He says AJ took a pen and put it in Pope's eye. He tried to take away Pope's career. He asks him who he thinks he is. Although he doesn't have the gold, he hasn't forgotten about him. The Gospel according to Pope, there are no excuses, but also according to the Gospel, it's a tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye. He says he's watching him and he's not done with him. Someone asked him where does Pope go from here. He says when he falls down, he gets back up. Every now and then, there will be a stumble. He says all AJ is is an obstacle Pope tripped over. Pope, Is, Pimpin. MMRRRRRRRRR!!!!! And here comes Mr. Anderson.

He's got the mic, and says Wow. He says he's gonna start calling him the Kool-Aid man. The Jim Jones kind of Kool-Aid man. He doesn't know why the fans are laughing cause they're drinking in. He says he knows they're gullible. He starts calling them different names. He asks if Dinero's ok. He says Kurt Angle got a hurt too. He says Angle's at home, licking his wounds. He asks if Pope's gonna go home and lick his wounds. Dinero tells him to get to the point or shut the hell up. Anderson asks if he's gonna get his nuts out of his mom's purse and face him a Sacrifice. He calls him a chicken, now taunting him. Pope tells him to watch this. He then Pimp Slaps him, but Anderson kicks him in the gut and starts to attack him. Now he's going after they injured eye. Security comes in and breaks it up. Anderson walks away as we head to commercial.

Matt Morgan(C) and Jesse Neal vs Team 3D - World Tag Team Championship
Team 3D's music is playing, but they're nowhere to be found. In the back now, and apparently 3D has put Waltman through a table, and his head is bleeding. 3D now makes their way to the ring. Morgan and Neal come out together. Morgan looks confident while Neal looks a little worried. Devon and Neal start things off with a tie up. Devon with a headlock, but Neal counters out only to get shoulder blocked. Headlock again by Devon, and Ray gets the tag. Big slap to Neal and now a bearhug. And here comes Nash and Hall. 3D meets them on the ramp and start brawling. Jesse Neal also joins in on the fray but gets attacked by Matt Morgan. Morgan throws Neal back in the ring and hits him with a huge chokeslam.

Winners-Team 3D via disqualification-N/A-This was more of an angle advancement than a match. While I don't think the 3D/Band rivalry is good, I do love the Matt Morgan angle advancement.

Back from commercial as Neal is with Team 3D. Neal's got a mic, and screams for Matt Morgan to come down so he can kick his ass. Christy is in the back with Morgan. Morgan says he already forgot his name, and that they're off the clock. Morgan runs into the Hulkster. Hogan tells him to either go out there or he has to deal with him. Morgan chooses to go out to the ring. Neal charges Morgan on the ramp, and hits him with a headbutt. Neal grabs one of the tag title belts, but Morgan begs him to not attack him with it. That allows Morgan to hit a low blow and then knock out Neal with the title belt. And here comes Shannon Moore. Dropkick off the top by the Prince of Punk. Morgan bails out. I can bring myself to believe Morgan is afraid of Neal, but Moore. Seriously?

Bischoff in the back with Miss. Tessmacher. He says he wants to come up with something new. He says the fans are going to determine who are in the top ten rankings for the World Title. All you have to do is vote on Lethal interrupts Bischoff, saying that #1 is Andre. #2 Koko B. Ware, then The Hart Foundation, and we cut to commercial.

We briefly come back from commercial as we see Styles hyping up Ric Flair about his match.

Orlando Jordan in the back, wearing something really weird. He says he represents passion. He calls out Rob Terry, saying he's witnessed him destroy every obstacle that's come before him. He says next week, he premieres his show, the O-Zone, with special guest Rob Terry. And it will delicious. Awkward.

Video of Flair from early saying he's going to kick Abyss ass. The ring means more to him than anything. When he's in a bad mood, he doesn't mind hurting somebody. Abyss having the ring offends everything he's worked for. Every fan will know that they're seeing the greatest wrestler that ever lived when Flair walks down that isle.

Ric Flair vs Abyss - Winner wins the other man's ring

WOOO! And here comes the Nature Boy, stylin' and proflin'. Abyss makes his way to the ring, and this match is on. Abyss pushes Flair across the ring off the tie up. Flair with some punches and chops in the corner. Abyss counters Flair and now hits him with rights of his own. Backbody drop by The Monster, and Flair bails out of the ring. Abyss follows him, but Flair hits him with a chop. Abyss comes back and throws Flair's head into the guardrail. Flair's busted open now as Abyss is hitting him with the rights. Flair rolls back into the ring, and Abyss follows, only to walk into a poke to the eyes. Flair to the top (Why, Flair? Why?) and gets caught by Abyss. Abyss tosses him off the top. Botched big boot by Abyss, follows up with a sidewalk slam. Abyss charges Flair in the corner, and Flair falls to the mat. Abyss grabs Flair, but Flair low blows him and the ref at the same time. Flair's got the knucks. He hits Abyss, but it doesn't phase him. Flair then hits him in the nuts with the knucks. Cover and that's all folks.

Ric Flair

The ref sees the brass knucks and he and Flair start pushing each other. The ref restarts the match.

Flair now working down Abyss, but he's hulking up brother. YOU! Black Hole Slam by Abyss for the win.

Abyss-*-This was your average Flair match. Flair hits some chops, bleeds, and does some cheating. The finish worked though, so props there, but that's about all this had going for it.

Here comes Hogan, and he pulls the ring off of Flair's finger. Hogan says he knows exactly who he's going to present the ring to next week as Flair is screaming at Hogan. Join us next week to find out who gets the ring.

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