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On Raw: RAW has and always will be WWE's top TV priority, as it should be, considering that RAW is generally the #1 program on cable TV. MNF is a monster and the schedule this fall is daunting to say the least. RAW on USA has a huge investment to protect and to grow and Monday Night Football is a beast with which to deal.

On Tito Ortiz: UFC has to make an educated, non knee jerk decision on what to do regarding Tito Ortiz' arrest for allegedly abusing his spouse. In today's world, especially and rightfully so, spousal abuse is virtually unpardonable especially within a major media concern like UFC and, to a somewhat lesser degree, to Spike TV which airs on of my favorite shows, The Ultimate Fighter, of which Ortiz is on of the central characters this season. Does UFC give Ortiz another chance and the opportunity to rehabilitate his image or do they cut their losses and hope that Tito focuses full time on becoming a better husband and father? The latter is infinitely more important than what occurs in an Octagon. The media is quick to point out that Tito Ortiz allegedly abused wife has a porn star past and this fact seemingly has to be included in every mention of this unfortunate and ugly incident. Not sure what porn has to do with apparently getting abused by one's spouse but it apparently makes for better 'copy' by the media.

On Women's Wrestling: We get lots of emails from fans of women's wrestling. I hate to break the news to you die hards of this specific genre but unless the decision makers change their philosophy, and my money is on them not doing so, women's wrestling is essentially going to remain a supplement to the overall product that will remain positioned to appease to the male demo by providing sex appeal. Don't kill the messenger on this one but one can see this play out each week on TV. Yes, there are some very athletic women in wrestling, and, yes, there are some very lovely and hard working, dedicated ladies in wrestling, but the days of these ladies athletic abilities being fully utilized don't see to me to be eminent. Provocative entrances and ring attire along with suggestive language seem to indicate that the dye has been cast and the women in today's wrestling world know their role and most seem to be happy to have the work and to be getting TV exposure. Perhaps the athletic side of these women will become somewhat more of a focus.

On His WWE Future: Conversations regarding one aspect of my pro wrestling future are scheduled to take place this week which should help me address this particular matter to some degree. As much as I love "the business" and I sincerely do, I have to decided what direction I need to take at this stage of my life as it relates to how I earn the grocery money. Some emailers have taken me to task about "taking myself off the air" in WWE which is such an embarrassingly, inaccurate statement that I have deleted these emails to save the individuals further humiliation.

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