-- Batista vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship is being advertised as the dark match main event for the June 14 Raw taping in Charlotte, NC. Many of the names drafted to Raw last night are being advertised for the show, so this would appear to be a recent advertisement.

-- Randy Orton is scheduled to work the SmackDown house shows this weekend against Jack Swagger.

-- Triple H has won the starring role in the WWE Studios film The Chaperone, which revolves around an ex-con who chaperones his daughter's school field trip. Filming is scheduled for June in New Orleans. Triple H is currently shooting Killing Karma. That'll make Batista even happier!

-- As of 6:40PM Eastern, the standings for TNA's Top 10 Contender Ranking System were as follows:

Desmond Wolfe 27,347 votes 27%
Jeff Hardy 22,249 votes 22%
Mr. Anderson 12,280 votes 12%
The Pope 7,932 votes 8%
Sting 7,661 votes 8%
AJ Styles 7,422 votes 7%
Rob Terry 5,771 votes 6%
Kurt Angle 5,599 votes 5%
Jeff Jarrett 3,314 votes 3%
Abyss 2,497 votes 2%

It's worth noting that it's still very early in the voting process.

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