» As noted several weeks ago here on the website, Kurt Angle is engaged to be married to a 24-year-old model seventeen years his junior. Angle and his fiancée, Giovanna Yannotti, met on the set of End Game and dated for several months before becoming engaged. News of Angle's engagement comes in light of his ex-wife, Karen Angle, announcing her engagement to Jeff Jarrett.

» Orlando Jordan's on-screen female companion is an independent women's wrestler by the name of Santana G. currently training with the Orlando-based "I Believe in Wrestling" promotion. She is the daughter of St. Louis-based High Voltage Wrestling promoter TNT Kenny G. Santana was trained by former IWA-MS Heavyweight Champion Dingo. As noted earlier, Jordan's real-life boyfriend Cameron may be finished with TNA after an incident about a month ago.

» Most everyone within TNA said it was surprising to see Karen Angle backstage at TNA's TV tapings and live events several weeks ago. "It was very uncomfortable," said one source. "It was very awkward." Karen was there with fiancée Jeff Jarrett for the first time in Orlando since their relationship was outed on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show last summer. Karen and ex-husband Kurt Angle are said to be on good terms nowadays with Kurt not displaying any signs of being bothered by her presence. In fact, one backstage source recalled Kurt being nonchalant over their relationship until he and Karen had an argument over their children, which led in part to Jarrett being removed from the company's day to day operations. The source recalls one wrestler in particular attempting to cause problems and fire up Kurt to confront Jeff last year, but he didn't react. Click below to see photos of Karen Angle & Jeff Jarrett flirting and smiling at an event. One of the photos shows Karen sitting on Jeff's lap with both looking very happy. Other photos show Karen and Jeff's kids playing with each other. It should also be noted that Karen Angle and Giovanna Yannotti (Kurt's fiancée) are friends. The two were even seen traveling together in the same car. You can't make this stuff up.

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