Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Regarding the contractual status of Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, both have yet to be signed to regular contracts as they are stilling working on pay-per-appearance deals. TNA is reportedly paying Hall $3,000 per appearance, which would make him among the highest earners in the company. Furthermore, many feel both Hall and Waltman have been more lucid and coherent in recent weeks. The feeling is that they've finally realized this is their last chance in the business and have done, not a complete turnaround, but a major improvement. Meanwhile, Hall has dropped a lot of weight and is trying to get down to 255 pounds, a number he hasn't reached in several years.

TNA creative writer Vince Russo has plans to move from Colorado to Nashville, Tennessee and has made noise about assuming a different job within the organization, away from writing.

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