Jim Ross has made another post to his blog at JRSBARBQ.com Here are some highlights:

On Tony Atlas: Yes...sad to hear Tony Atlas got 'future endeavored' but it will likely happen to all of us at one time or another. Dislike the term 'future endeavors' as it feels like an empty phase. It's almost become an inside joke with many of the talents. Atlas did get a nice run when it looked as if his WWE days had ended long ago and now perhaps Tony can focus on his art work which is outstanding.

On Chris Jericho's WWE welcome: No...Chris Jericho was not welcomed with open arms in the WWE locker room when he first arrived from WCW. Some thought that Jericho was too short/small to be a big time player but Chris has long proved those naysayers wrong. Professional jealousy isn't an exclusive of pro wrestling as you can take a look at your own workplace or school and see what I mean. However, one of the first things that I saw and learned first hand when I walked in my first locker room in pro wrestling in 1974 was the paranoia and insecure nature that many wrestlers perpetuated. To many wrestlers, then and now, the glass is always or usually half empty rather than half full. Now with there actually being fewer places for wrestlers to work and earn a viable living working full time, one can argue those negative emotions might even be more pronounced which is why these issues always have to be addressed so that the various locker rooms can be more stable thus more productive.

On Matt Striker: Yes...Matt Striker is trying to be edgy or antagonistic from what I gather when he works with Cole and Lawler and I don't think that's a bad thing. Some emailers have issues with things Striker has said but if those things sting then perhaps Striker is doing his job. All announcers who work on TV and have never worked in a territory system and did not have the opportunity come up thru the ranks are going to be at a disadvantage and their growth is going to be deliberate at best. To essentially learn on the job and to do embellished auditions before powerful decision makers and, more importantly, the fans puts younger broadcasters at a distinct disadvantage. The function of training young announcers in the pro wrestling genre is essentially non existent.

I think it all starts with the hiring process of entry level on air talents as they must have some natural instincts and not just possess the look and youth of a weekend Sports Center news reader.

On whether NXT will get a second season: Yes...I think that NXT will return for another season but I'm not sure on what network but it will likely be one owned by NBC Universal. I would like to see NXT more like 'The Ultimate Fighter' where the rookies have to do more to earn the right to wrestle on TV. That's just one fan's opinion.

On having on on-air authority figure role: No...I'm not interested in having a TV authority figure role on a wrestling show. None has been offered, by the way, but it isn't something that interests me at this stage of the game. I'm one that believes that the authority figure role on a wrestling TV show is waning and needs to be refreshed and invigorated. I'm not the guy to do that.

On The Rock: Today is the Rock's Birthday and it seems like it was just yesterday when I was traveling to Florida to see him work out in the ring. One can do a decent job of looking at talent on DVDs, etc but nothing replaces seeing the talent in person, in a ring, mat or practice field and getting to know then one on one. Dwayne Johnson was a 'keeper' the minute I laid eyes on him. Some of my peers agreed with me and some not so much. I still remember telling him the story of Deion Sanders always talking in the third person when I interviewed him in my Atlanta Falcon days which encouraged Rock to take that particular presentation to the next level. ("The Rock says.") I have never seen such a naturally athletic gifted, charismatic, hard working individual come along in wrestling before or since.

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