Developmental wrestler Brett DiBiase, brother of Ted DiBise, suffered a knee injury at Thursday's Florida Championship Wrestling tapings during a match with fellow second generation star Joe Hennig. No word yet on the severity of the injury. DiBiase and Hennig are expected to be called up to the main roster soon as part of a new "privileged sons" stable led by Ted DiBiase, but the formation of that new group might be delayed.

Orlando Colon, the cousin of WWE superstars Carlito and Primo, is now wrestling as "Tito Colon" in Florida Championship Wrestling. He had previously been working as "Tito Nieves." Tito Colon is also close to being called up to the main roster and will likely be paired with Carlito and Primo when he debuts.

Developmental referee Aaron "Goose" Mahoney is now on the road with the main roster and has begun working house shows.

With his recent return to India, the Great Khali is receiving a lot of media attention.

You can check out a new trailer for The Expendables by going to Steve Austin and Randy Couture appear as a part of the all star cast.

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