Source: PWInsider

Anthony Dash filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment and Floyd Mayweather Jr. on April 26, claiming that Mayweather's entrance theme at WrestleMania 24 "is music that includes Plaintiff's Tony Gunz Beat track, with lyrics added to the track." Dash is asking for $150,000 in damages per copyrighted work infringed, in addition to preliminary and permanent injunctive relief to put an end to the "ongoing infringement of Plaintiff's copyright."

The suit does not explain how Dash's music could have been obtained to turn it into the theme, but a copy of the copyright documents was filed as an exhibit. Dash is requesting an account of "all gains, profits and advantages from their act of infringement," and states that the defendants have made "millions of dollars" from his copyrighted work. Dash claims that Mayweather ignored the first cease and desist order that was sent to him, while a second was returned unopened.

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