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They showed a WWE in Iraq video while changing the ring set.

Right before the show started, Striker took a moment to greet the fans directly behind him. I thought that was classy of him.

Big Show/Jack Swagger video.

Kane v. Swagger is announced for later.

Matt Hardy comes out to a nice pop. He's in jeans and shirt. He has a mic. Says he is here whether he should or shouldn't be. Replay of McIntyre giving him his injury 2 weeks ago and last week. Matt starts to comment; McIntyre comes out on the ramp.

Matt tells Drew to "make him go away". Drew brags about Vince hand picking him as the future of the company. Matt and Drew continue their exchange. They brawl. Refs break it up as a loud Hardy chant breaks out. Drew gets the upper hand and throws the ref down. Tony Garea and Mike Rotundo run down to help the refs.

Teddy Long order Drew to stop. Long suspends Drew but he doesn't stop attacking Matt. Long strips McIntyre of the WWE Intercontinental title! Drew doesn't care. Long then fires Drew! Drew gets in Long's face. Long orders the officials to get Drew "off Smackdown!". Video shows Drew being escorted out of the building by an army of refs. Drew mentions Vince McMahon's name on the way out.

Long is backstage. Matthews interviews him. He doesn't know the status of Hardy, doesn't know what to say about Drew, and doesn't know what to do about the IC title.

MVP v. Luke Gallows (w/CM Punk & Serena)MVP comes out to a huge pop. He's super over. Tron shows replay of MVP/Rey v. SES from last Friday. SES come out to a roar of boos. Lots of MVP chants. Back and forth. MVP had Gallows setup for the Playmaker, Serena distracted him. Gallows looked to end things. Mysterio came from the crowd and jumped Punk and gave him a DDT on the outside. Gallows was distracted and MVP hit a Complete Shot to win the match at about the 5 minute mark.

Post match (cameras off), Punk got the crowd heated.

Cameras on, Punk cut a promo on Rey. Called go a coward and called him out. Mysterio came out to by far the biggest pop of the night this far. Rey tainted Punk "what's wrong Punk? You seem upset". Rey wants to know where the masked mystery man is. Punk denies any knowledge of the masked man. Suggest that Rey has painted drugs on his mask. Great stuff. Rey says only one person is hallucinating and that's Punk.

Rey wants to shave Punk's head. The two talk about their victories. Rey suggest a rubber match. Rey loses, Rey says he'll join SES. But Rey says if Punk loses, Rey gets to cut his hair bald.

Punk says that Rey is having a moment of clarity. Rey says he'll join SES tonight without a fight if Punk shaves his head tonight. Punk turns it down. Rey says that he agrees with the message but not the messenger. Rey suggest that he and Punk can do some good together. Rey tells Punk to lead by example. A shave your head chant starts. Punk says his hair is a symbol of purity. Rey plans seeds in the heads of Luke and Serena. Good promo. Rey promises to put an end to Punk and the SES.

Swagger Fact segment.

Kelly Kelly & Tiffany vs. Michelle McCool & Layla (w/Vickie Guerrero)

Standard divas match. Layla gets the win in about 4 minutes after Michelle with a kick from behind.

Long announces a 4-man tournament for the IC title. 2 of the matches are tonight -- Christian vs. Rhodes & Ziggler vs. Kingston. Winners face next week for the title.

Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler (IC title qualifying match)

Kofi got a bigger pop than Rey did earlier. There is definitely a buzz in the crowd that they are witnessing something special. Back and forth match. Kofi pulled out a cool tope. Ziggler reminds me of Billy Gunn from 1999. I don't know if that is a good thing. This was a good match. Better than I expected. Kofi on Smackdown! is a good thing for his career. Kofi wins at the 11 minute mark after breaking out of the sleeper and hitting his twisting front leg lariat. The crowd was super behind Kofi winning. Huge pop.

Another Swagger Fact segment. The crowd hates Swagger... Not in a good way. Like an X-Pac heat way. People are yelling boring and get off the screen.

Swagger vs. Kane hype graphic.

Over The Limit match rundown. Looks like Grisham and Striker are hyping the PPV from the announce table.

Christian (w/Heath Slater) vs. Cody Rhodes (IC qualifying match)

Interesting that Cody still has the Legacy graphics for his entrance video. Looks like this is Cody's "reset". I'm not sure about him as IC champ though. Cody and Christian go back and forth. This was a really good even match. There was an awesome standing top rope superplex spot. I haven't seen that spot in a while. It looked brutal live. The end saw Cody hitting a moonsault for a near fall. Cody was frustrated and got caught after a mistake with the Killswitch. Christian got the pin at the 11 minute mark.

Graphic shows Christian vs. Kofi Kingston next week for the IC title.

Swagger is shown walking backstage in his ring attire and the belt.

KFC double down commercial.

Swagger comes out to hardly any reaction. He has a mic. More Swagger Facts. I can't tell if people are booing him or booing the segment. He is now getting the What treatment. I don't know how it is going to come off on TV but there are a ton of people going to the concessions and restrooms. My section is clearing out. Swagger is still going on and on. A You Suck chant has broke out. He's talking about Big Show now. Boom! Kane pyro. Kane comes out.

Kane v. Jack Swagger (non title?)

Kane got a good pop. I don't know of it was for Kane or that horrible segment ending. Kane & Swagger actually did a little amateur wrestling. Big Show makes his entrance. 3rd loudest pop of the night. He's in a suit. Looks like he's joining commentary. Swagger takes control with some pummeling. Kane regains control with an uppercut then a takedown following by a running dropkick to a seated Swagger. Swagger and Kane go back and forth. Show is shown on the Tron on commentary. Swagger takes off the turnbuckle pad but Kane continues to pummel him. Kane hits his flying lariat. Calls for the Choke Slam with a pop. Swagger counters with elbows. Swagger throws Kane into the unprotected corner. Kane actually hesitated before seemingly ramming his own head into the steel corner. It looked bad. Swagger gave Kane a series of shoulder blocks into the unprotected corner. Ref warns him. Swagger doesn't stop. Ref calls for the bell. Kane by DQ at about 8 minutes.

Post match Swagger attacks Kane. Swagger and Show have words. Kane hits Swagger with a boot to the face. Show ends up hitting the Choke Slam through the announce table. Show poses with the World Heavyweight title as the show ends.

(Post SD! Dark Match)

Teddy Long announces that Big Show will get his shot right now at the World Heavyweight title. Show takes his coat off and is ready to wrestle on a shirt tie and vest.

Bell rings. Swagger tries to run. Show grabs him as Swagger is on the outside and pulls him into the ring. Show gets Swagger in the ring and then Kane slides in and they hit a double Choke Slam to send everyone home happy.

Show stayed around and posed for pictures for quite a while. Swagger sold the double choke slam for the entire time Show was around ringside.

Great taping! I mean the NXT stuff was just plain stupid. Superstars was Superstars. Smackdown! Is definitely worth watching this week.

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