Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to sources, two of WWE's most prominent superstars are sources of "problems" within management circles behind-the-scenes.

Well-documented trouble exists with Dave Batista, who expressed frustration over the fact that he was replaced by Triple H in the cast for "Killing Karma." Batista's Hollywood intentions are clear, and the feeling was that the movie would provide him with an opportunity to shine outside of the ring.

WWE, however, did not want to risk releasing a movie with a star no longer signed to the company. That fear is very realistic, given talk that Batista is planning to embark on a hiatus shortly after the Over the Limit event. It should be noted that as of this writing Batista is expected to finish up with WWE at the Over the Limit PPV in several weeks time. As always though, things can change. Stay tuned for more.

Additional problems also exist with Rey Mysterio, who is reportedly once again making noise about monetary concerns. Mysterio expressed contractual frustration last summer–and it escalated to a point that some rumors claimed he 'quit' the company–and it appears he is again not satisfied on the financial front.

WWE has begun grooming Dos Caras Jr. to fill in for Mysterio (who, backstage issues or not, does have knee problems and is thus at risk of injury) should the company need a substitute star for the Mexican audience.

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