Randy Ricci, a former production manager for TNA Wrestling, is claiming on his website courtesy of an inside company source that Madison Rayne missed a recent house show loop because she could not afford the transportation to attend the events.

"Madison Rayne missed some recent house shows because she couldn't afford to make the events," Ricci wrote. "This girl is talented, marketable, and "cute as all hell!" And she probably get's paid $250 per night (if she works) with NO expenses. Is this what TNA sympathizers (fans) think that she's worth? Does this make Dixie Carter "The Boss" as charming and classy as Kevin Eck from The Baltimore Sun likes to "paint" Mrs. Carter Salinas?"

It should be noted Ricci has been discussing the low pay of the company's female performers long before it garnered widespread attention as a result of Awesome Kong and Tara's recent contract disputes with the organization,

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