TNA's Madison Rayne posted the following on her MySpace to kill the report we posted earlier today…

I usually don't do this, but I have been asked numerous times over the last 24 hours about recent rumors involving me, and while 99% of the time I let things go, I'd like to clear this one up... just because :)

First of all, the reports about me "missing appearances" lately due to financial trouble are false. When Daffney and Angelina were both injured a few weeks ago, other girls needed to be put on the house shows that weekend. The reason I was not sent had nothing to do w/ money. I had been nursing a nagging injury of my own and everyone felt it would be in my best interst to take the 10 days I had off and let my body heal. Plain and simple :) Nothing more to it. So please don't fret... Mama Rayne is going to have a fantastic Mother's Day and I'm still getting a pedicure and new pair of shoes tomorrow morning LoL!

aaand denn, those silly rumors about there being heat in the locker room... all i'm going to say to that is, i've been a cheerleader, i've done beauty pageants and fitness modeling... and if y'all want drama, check out one of those backstage areas LoL.

The internet loooves stirring the pot and making huge issues out of nothing. I give you guys my word, that both personally and professionally I am very, very happy. Things are going well, I love my Vel Vel and Lace Face, and I am extremely blessed to have the family, friends, fans and job that I have. Now if only I could get to a Cubbies game at Wrigley this season :p

Stay Beautiful ;)

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