-- An interview with John Cena, in which he talks about working out, is available at fox8live.com

-- An interview, in Spanish, with Vickie Guerrero is available at mediotiempo.com She says that Dos Caras Jr. has a bright future in the WWE.

-- A Terry Funk interview is available at slam.canoe.ca Funk says he doesn't want to die in the ring and discusses his injuries, how people like Dynamite Kid, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels wrestled "for the love of the game" while Hogan was in it for the money, his "I Quit" match with Ric Flair and not knowing that the loser would have to retire until the night of the match and more. He also said that the WWE Hall of Fame is not a real Hall of Fame, that he wants to be remembered as a guy who gave fans their money's worth, and expressed a wish to get back in the ring with Ric Flair one more time, either in wrestling or MMA.

-- Matt Hardy tried to build some heat for his feud with Drew McIntyre when he tweeted the following: "As a favor to me, if ur a fan of mine-Let Drew McIntyre hear "We want Matt" over & over again. This thing with him & I is just beginning. RT"

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