Jim Ross has written another blog entry, which you can read at JRSBARBQ.com Some highlights:

On Mick Foley's new book: Got an advance copy of Mick Foley's newest book, release date TBD, entitled 'Countdown to Lockdown' and my friend Mick has penned another hit. I did not have the highest of expectations for this book considering what I perceived it to be about based on the title.

I was wrong.

Mick covers a variety of wrestling topics including his days as a WWE broadcaster including his honest and candid thoughts on the experience. Mick also shares more than one compelling conversation that he had with Vince McMahon during those days.

'Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy' is an amazingly gifted writer and is always brutally honest with his innermost feelings and opinions on a variety of topics. I have read this book twice this week and have no issues whatsoever in encouraging you to give it a shot when it is released. It will be around 300 pages and will be a paperback as I understand it.

Mick does this book in journal form which makes for a quick and fun read that I feel very confident that wrestling fans will enjoy.

I wish things had worked out for Mick at the announce table in WWE as I thought that we could have evolved into a great team had we the opportunity to work together longer. Nonetheless we certainly had our 'moments' on air and and our share of laughs.

However, with today's emphasis on 'look' over talent the two of us may have been bound for radio before all would have eventually been said and done.

On The Great Khali: Why did I get a chuckle out of the Great Khali going to start a wrestling school in India similar to the one I got when I read that the Michael Jackson was quite the ladies man?

On Matt Striker being compared with Gordon Solie: No...I have never heard of Matt Striker be compared to Gordon Solie before but there is obviously a first time for every thing. Striker is a solid, still evolving young announcer but Solie was and likely will always be in another league. Plus, Gordon was a play by play guy from the old school while Striker is an analyst from the sound byte era.

On the most emotional moment of his career: No...a wrestling death was not my most emotional career moment...many of those types of matters have been suppressed in my mind, for better or for worse, and the winner is the ovation that I received in Chicago when my name was called to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. That ovation likely extended my on air career with WWE longer than many would imagine. I'll explain later.

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