Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there reading the site. Make sure you all call or see your mothers today!!

Triple H did an interview with the Kidsday section of Newsday, in which he spoke about the wrestler he'd face again if he had a choice (Shawn Michaels), his wrestling idol (Ric Flair) and the people he was lucky to have faced (Steve Austin, The Rock, Michaels, John Cena and The Undertaker).

Scott Siegel, who played Randy the Ram's steroid dealer in The Wrestler and was recently arrested for steroids after a wild car chase, said in a recent interview that he led police on the chase because he had been arrested before, years ago, and was trying to get away in order to contact his attorney before turning himself in the next day. Real smart move buddy!

The official Trish Stratus web page would like to make it known that twitter.com/trishstratuscom and facebook.com/trishstratuscom are the only official Twitter and Facebook pages for Trish so there you have it. For those who missed it the other day here on the website, Trish is back to being a brunette again. You can view a pic of her below:

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