-- A convention in St. Louis this weekend, featuring Roddy Piper, Terry Funk, Tommy Rich, Road Warrior Animal, Ted DiBiase, Dory Funk Jr. and many others, drew 114 fans total. Mike Palermo, the promoter of the convention, said he was starting a new promotion. He said he would begin as a territory in Texas, and would work his way up to a national promotion and knock off Vince McMahon. Good luck! He also blamed Vince for sabotaging the weekend.

-- As noted earlier, Indian fans rioted at Tau Devi Lal Stadium today when The Great Khali failed to appear as advertised at a joint charity wrestling and fashion event, "War of Champions." Organizers of the show were advertising the WWE star for the event despite knowing in advance he would not be appearing. "We had clarified verbally to the organizers about ten days back that Khali would not be able to attend the event and we also had returned them the money," said Khali spokesman Amit Swami. "Despite that the organizers went on to publicize Khali's supposed appearance for reasons best known to them." The event's promoters later claimed that Khali did not appear at the venue due to a contractual obligation with a sports channel, reportedly barred him making the appearance. Police arrested one of the event's organizers and booked him on charges of "cheating and breaching the trust of spectators," citing thousands of tickets were sold to see Khali and the police were deceived into believing he would be appearing.

-- The New York Times confirmed today our report that United States astronaut Buzz Aldrin will be serve as RAW guest host on May 17 when the show emanates from Toronto. On July 20, 1969, Aldrin was the second person to set foot on the Moon, following Neil Armstrong. The feature story on WWE's guest host concept including interviews with Ryan Phillippe and Maria Menounos, as well as Triple H addressing the company's decision to make its product more family-friendly. "The Game" said he wouldn't want his kids to see the antics he pulled off during "The Attitude Era." "I've got young kids," he said. "Years ago, we were what we were, and I certainly wouldn't want to have my young kids watch that product. We've evolved."

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