-- Actor and singer Meatloaf made a surprise appearance on RAW this week to plug his new CD that comes out tomorrow. Meatloaf ended up taking an RKO from Randy Orton. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin also appeared in a pre-taped promo to plug his guest host appearance next week.

-- John Cena announced on Monday's RAW that the stipulation for his match with Batista at Over The Edge on 5/23 will be an I Quit match. Batista has said he's leaving WWE while John Cena has some nagging injuries so it could go either way. Most are leaning towards Batista leaving but they could pull a quick swerve. We'll have more on Batista's WWE future shortly. The updated card is posted several posts below this one on the main newsboard.

-- Nobody seems to know what the deal is with Drew McIntyre backstage. Something seems fishy though.

-- Bret Hart recently stated publicly that next Monday's RAW from Toronto will be his final WWE appearance for the foreseeable future. As I noted earlier here on the site, that very well could change as he's told WWE management that he's open to continue working with them. He's also said to be very happy with his time in WWE thus far and has been treated with total respect from his peers backstage.

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