Source: PWInsider

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and World Wrestling Entertainment were recently named third party defendants in an ongoing lawsuit between two motor coach companies. The lawsuit centers around the coach bus that was to be custom designed for HHH and Stephanie to use on the road.

Plaintiff Music City Coach alleges in the suit that they were hired by defendant, Star City Coach, LTD to create a bus for the family, but claim issues with payment from Star, and claim to be owed over $216,000. According to the suit, the complete cost of the bus was $325,000. HHH and Stephanie are named in the suit because Music City alleges that a Star City employee, Terry Sims, the man assigned to drive the bus, claimed to be working as the Levesque's "agent." He then passed along orders for modifications to be made to the bus. According to the lawsuit, Sims "represented himself to Star City as an agent of the Levesques and the Levesques never indicated he was not acting on their authority despite numerous meetings between Star City representatives and the Levesques."

The suit then claims that Sims told Star City in January that the family would pay the balance of money owed for the specifications. The money being deducted from the family's lease payments on the coach. The WWE is named in the suit because it is said that the Levesques were acting "as agents" for World Wrestling Entertainment.

When payments were not made, US Marshals seized the bus back on February 4th. Star City claims that WWE and the Levesque family are liable for the $216,666.66 that is still owed on the bus. Star City has also requested a jury trial to settle things.

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