Stars and Stripes has an article up on TNA's Jesse Neal. Neal served on the USS Cole when it was attacked by terrorists in 2000.

On May 26th, Mick Foley will throw out the first pitch at the Trenton Thunder minor league baseball game. They are also offering a package where you can meet Foley, have dinner with him and also get a free Mr. Socko. You can get more information at

Seven of the eight NXT rookies are once again listed on the FCW roster page. Daniel Bryan is not listed, but was also never on the page to begin with.

Lance Storm continues his look back at his WrestleMania memories, discussing WrestleMania 6. Here is part of the blog, where he discusses what he thought was the end of Hulk Hoganů "Boy was I wrong, it was 1990, and Hogan was only 37 years old. It is 20 years later and Hogan is now 57 and he's still a featured performer on television. If that isn't odd enough I was at this show as a fan, right before I broke into wrestling, and as I type this 20 years later, I'm the one who is retired, not Hulk Hogan."

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