Jim Ross has a new blog up at JRSBARBQ.com, here are the highlights…

On The Undertaker: We've getting several emails from people wondering if I think that Undertaker should retire. Short answer, hell no. If any one in the business should be able to dictate when they hang it up or not it's the Undertaker. Plus, and more importantly, he will know when it's time as 'Taker is not the kind of wrestler who will stay long after it's time to go as we have seen many others do. The Deadman will never get to the point to where he never leaves his feet and people merely run into his fist. Ugh. Nonetheless when the Undertaker does decide when it is time to say adiós that farewell will obviously be at a Wrestlemania and if promoted strategically should deliver huge numbers. Personally, I hope that we aren't getting too close to that milestone date.

On Wrestling Schools: Wrestling schools. Be careful when picking a wrestling school. If one isn't smart enough to ascertain what is a good or not so good wrestling school what makes one think that they are smart enough to be in the wrestling business. Wrestling doesn't need any more dumb people working in it. Do your research on these schools. Ask to speak to successful graduates. Observe the training sessions. Simply be smart and know that making it in pro wrestling is a helluva long shot so don't quit your day job if you don't have to.

On RAW: Historic night for WWE playing the last event at "The Igloo" in Pittsburgh Monday night as apparently, or so we heard ample times, 14,000 plus were on hand for the Steel City farewell. The arena is obsolete as it relates to many modern day amenities but it is wrought with memories that will last a lifetime. Raw had plenty of sizzle Monday night with the eclectic elements that seem to be coveted such as a surprise appearance by Meatloaf, better with JR's Chipotle Ketchup BTW, and the ageless Flavor Flav, who promoted something, a TV show I think, that I still did not understand. I do know that Meatloaf has a new CD that 'drops' today. 'Drops' how hip is that lingo?

On The Tornadoes In JR's Area: The tornadoes that killed several people in our area yesterday missed our house by a mile or two which was plenty close for me. It got pretty spooky for a few minutes but our weather people here in our area are so good a tracking the bad weather than they can actually provide ETA's for the worst of the weather. Both our home and the restaurant were unscathed and avoided Mother Nature's wrath. We got a slew of text messages from many of the biz's biggest names this morning which is always nice to receive. Bottom line we are o.k. and thankful that we received no damage or injuries but, unfortunately, some of our fellow Okies weren't so lucky.

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