In an interview with the UK Sun, RAW superstar Chris Jericho spoke about his love of music and what let to him perusing a full time career in wrestling over music. The most newsworthy item of the interview came when Jericho was asked about his future in WWE and whether he's be leaving the ring for the stage any time soon. Good news for Jericho fans, as he responded, "I think now is the time to stay for a couple of years to help those around me. I want to help the young talent."

WWE champion John Cena has been answering fan questions on his new Twitter page ( and fired back at people who criticize his on-air character and WWE's family-friendly PG programming. Cena wrote: "Guys, I am sorry to disappoint but what u see on TV is what u get. That's pretty close to me in real life. I'm sorry if u think I'm watered down, I've been called worse." Cena also responded to a fan who asked whether he'd considering bringing back his old "rapper" gimimck. Cena said it's unlikely, "Guys, I really appreciate the respect for the freestyle. It would have no home in today's environment. It would be a weak, watered down, rehash of something that was very fun to be a part of while it lasted. I still freestyle all the time, it just wouldn't be right for me right now, I really like the place where I am, and where WWE is."

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