Partial Source: Pwinsder

-- CM Punk is off of the weekend house shows. In his place, a mystery partner and Luke Gallows will face Rey Mysterio and Christian around the loop. Punk will be at the SmackDown! tapings on Tuesday.

-- Ed Patru, the spokesman for Linda McMahon's campaign, fired back at the Rob Simmons campaign for an article earlier this week in the Manchester Journal Inquirer. "Linda has created nearly 600 jobs in Connecticut and her company has been an enormous tax base for the state," he said. "Simmons' strength isn't in creating jobs. It's in handing out taxpayer-funded checks and federal pork to people and then patting himself on the back for a job well done. I think before he gives small business owners any more lectures, he should remember that it's job creators like Linda that have made it possible for Rob Simmons to be a career politician with government pensions."

-- During Tuesday night's SmackDown! taping in Buffalo, one of the TV screens in the front atrium was showing the goings-on in the arena, including Kofi Kingston and Teddy Long rehearsing their segment, the women going through their match and Jack Swagger working on his segment. There was no audio with it, but it carried on until fans were allowed into the arena.

-- EVOLVE and ROH are both running a show on September 11, about 20 miles for each other. Gabe Sapolsky noted today that the EVOLVE show would be in the afternoon and would finish in time for fans to get to the ROH show.

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