Here is the synopsis for WWE's upcoming DVD set on Undertaker, Undertaker's Deadliest. This title is scheduled for release on Tuesday, Jun. 8.

He's the most ominous presence in the history of Sports Entertainment, known for his remarkable WrestleMania streak and taking the souls of scores of superstars. Now the Undertaker's most dangerous conflicts are collected in one 3-disc DVD set, Undertaker's Deadliest Matches. This set includes Casket Matches, Buried Alive Matches, Hell in a Cell, Last Ride Matches, Body Bag Matches, Boiler Room Brawls, Concrete Crypt Matches and numerous other brutal bouts.

Disc 1

"Two Decades of Destruction"

Body Bag Match
Undertaker vs Ultimate Warrior
Madison Square Garden – July 1, 1991

"Custom Made Coffin"

Coffin Match
Undertaker vs Kamala
Survivor Series – November 25, 1992

"Grim Reaper"

Casket Match
Undertaker vs Kama
SummerSlam – August 27, 1995

"Shadow of Death"

Casket Match
Undertaker vs King Mabel
In Your House – December 17, 1995

"Deranged and Sadistic"

Undertaker vs Mankind
King of the Ring – June 23, 1996

"No Boundaries"

Boiler Room Brawl
Undertaker vs Mankind
SummerSlam – August 18, 1996

"Chilling Numbers"

Buried Alive Match
Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rock Bottom – December 13, 1998

"Internal Fires"

Inferno Match
Undertaker vs Kane
Raw – February 22, 1999

Disc 2

"An Imposing Force"

Undertaker vs Big Show
Raw – May 3, 1999

"What Lies Beneath"

WWE Championship Match
Undertaker vs Big Show
Raw – June 4, 1999

"A Long and Complex History"

Concrete Crypt Match
Undertaker vs The Dudley Boys
The Great American Bash – June 27, 2004

"Devils and Wicked Men"

Casket Match
Undertaker vs Heidenreich
Royal Rumble – January 30, 2005

"Like Father, like Son"

1st Ever Handicap Casket Match
Undertaker vs Randy Orton & Cowboy Bob Orton
No Mercy – October 9, 2005

"The Devil's Playground"

Hell in a Cell
Undertaker vs Randy Orton
Armageddon – December 18, 2005

"Last Judgment"

Last Man Standing Match
Undertaker vs Great Khali
Smackdown – August 18, 2006

Disc 3

"First Blood"

First Blood Match
Undertaker vs Mr Kennedy
Survivor Series – November 26, 2006

"Last Ride"

Last Ride Match
Undertaker vs Mr Kennedy
Armageddon – December 17, 2006

"Powers Lie Within"

Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Undertaker vs Batista
Backlash – April 29, 2007


Undertaker vs Big Daddy V
Smackdown – January 25, 2008

"Ring of Fire"

Hell in a Cell
Undertaker vs Edge
SummerSlam – August 17, 2008

"State of Mind"

Steel Cage Match
Undertaker vs Big Show
Smackdown – December 5, 2008

Legacy of the Phenom

Ring of Honor announced that they would be releasing The Best of ROH on HDNet – Volume One on June 2nd. Here is the DVD listing…

1. Grudge Match: Tyler Black vs, Jimmy Jacobs- Episode # 1
2. Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries- Episode # 3
3. Austin Aries vs. Kenny Omega- Episode # 4
4. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black- Episode # 6
5. Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries- Episode # 7
6, Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black- Episode # 8
7. World Tag Team Title Match: Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Rhett Titus & Kenny King- Episode # 9
8. Jay Briscoe vs. Kenny Omega vs. Kenny King- Episode # 10
9. World Tag Team Title Tables Match: Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The American Wolves- Episode # 11
10. ROH World Title Match: Jerry Lynn vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries- Episode # 12

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