An interview with Matt Hardy is available at He talks about the upcoming tour of Atlantic Canada.

In other Matt Hardy news, he went on a bit of an emotional ride on Twitter last night:

"So for a few minutes right now.. I'm gonna tweet my little heart out about random things that hit my mind..

"Feel really bad 4 @TheBethPhoenix because of her serious knee injury. She's an amazing person & an extremely hard worker-she will overcome.

"My bro Jeffrey Nero Hardy is such a special human being it's crazy.. I'm SO lucky to have him as a brother! And I'm excited about ur future!

"I'm really proud that Shannon Moore is getting a well-deserved opportunity.. You deserve it lil with the ball & never look back.

"I'm also ecstatic the Shane Helms has found himself & happiness again. Shane's got so much to contribute to society it's crazy-do it man!

"David "Kimo" Clutter has been a great friend to me-I want him to get the chance to play on the big stage-God, as a favor, make it happen :)

I'm gonna push the WWE to take me places that I've never ever been to before-& I'll hold up my end-Promise. Print that quote dirtsheets!"

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