UPDATEDx2: Tonight's show from Fayetteville, NC, is officially canceled. Those with tickets to the live show were told to return them on Monday for a refund.

What a disaster this turned into.

UPDATED: Karyn Bryant tweeted that Ricardo Mayorga is out of the fight against Din Thomas and that Murilo "Ninja" Rua vs. David Heath is the new headliner. Don King and courts threatened to send the injunction order to the PPV providers, which convinced Shine to cancel the fight.

ORIGINAL: Josh Gross is reporting that the Broward Country Circuit Court Judge Marc C. Gold has ruled in favor of Don King Productions and his injunction filed against Shine Fights. King, who represents boxer Ricardo Mayorga, attempted to prevent his fighter from competing at Shine Fights 3 in a MMA bout against Din Thomas arguing that he had Mayorga under an exclusive contract. Shine Fights CEO Devin Price argued that because Shine Fights 3 is a MMA event and not boxing, King had no control over preventing Mayorga from fighting. After a nearly week long legal battle, the judge made his ruling earlier today agreeing with Don King Promotions.

Shine Fights has made no official statement on the ruling but as of yesterday they had no replacement for Mayorga and have said that they will let Mayorga fight tonight in the main event against Din Thomas, ignoring the courts ruling until they are served the court order. Once they are served the order it's unclear as to what they will do with the main event.

Shine Fights 3 is scheduled for tonight (May 15) from the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The event will air live on PPV.


* Ricardo "El Matador" Mayorga (159.8) vs. Din "Dinyero" Thomas (158.6)
* David Heath (191.2) vs. Murilo "Ninja" Rua (191)
* Luiz Azeredo (152.8) vs. Charles Bennett (155.8)
* Alexandre Ferreira (204.2) vs. Jamal Patterson (205.8)
* Braulio Estima (179.4) vs. Rick Hawn (175.2)


* Derrick Noble (169.2) vs. Eduardo Pamplona (168.2)*
* Zac George (150) vs. Mario Stapel (149)*
* Roger Carroll (183.8) vs. Paulo Souza (185.8)

* - Swing bout that could air on PPV

The Strkeforce event on Showtime and boxing on HBO are both still shedualed.

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