Jim Ross had a new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com' Here are the highlights…

On Favorite HBK Matches: Favorite Shawn Michaels matches? Too many to list but some that quickly pop into my mind are HBK vs. Taker Hell in a Cell, HBK vs. Foley, HBK vs. Austin @ WM, HBK vs. HHH when Shawn returned to WWE after about a 4 year absence, and of course the WM25 match pitting Michaels vs. the Undertaker in Houston. Yeah, I know that I've probably left some other obvious one's out. Sorry.

On Lesnar vs. Carwin: Prediction...Brock vs. Carwin...I'm a Lesnar guy but I will guarantee you that this will be a war and will be Lesnar's toughest test to date in MMA. Shane Carwin has many of the same physical tendencies and comparable athletic background that Brock possesses but until someone gets it done, I'm going with Lesnar. The mental makeup of Brock Lesnar is something to behold and one has to fully understand the man to know just how much he hates/detests losing. The former WWE and NCAA champion will trainlike a madman in preparation for this July 3 confrontation on PPV in Vegas.

On Lashley vs. Lesnar: Will we ever see a Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley MMA match? Perhaps, but not any time soon. Lashley is still putting together his body of work and has many more fights to go until most feel that the talented Lashley could realistically challenge Brock.

On Taz in ECW: How do I rate Taz' ECW career? It was extraordinary. Taz was ECW's version of Stone Cold and when Taz did something or said something I believed. Taz' on air persona in ECW was a tremendous example of how it's done. Taz believed and therefore the audience believed.

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