TNA Sacrifice Opener:

The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show. He immediately begins hyping the World Title match between AJ Styles and RVD later tonight in a rematch of the match where RVD won the title. The Motor City Machine Guns' music hits, and it's time for the #1 Contender's match.

#1 Contender Match
Beer Money, Inc. vs. The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D

Beer Money is out next to a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd, but a bit more cheers than I would have expected. Team 3D is out last, to a pretty big pop, unsurprisingly.

Robert Roode and Alex Shelley look to start things off in this match. They lock up and Roode snap mares Shelley into a rear chin lock. Shelley is right out of it, and they chain wrestle for a bit. Roode hits a big shoulder block that takes Shelley off his feet, and after a bit more chain wrestling, Shelley hits a hurricarana, and then a wheelbarrow into a bulldog that's good for a near fall. Shelley charges Roode, but he runs into a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Roode tags in Storm and Storm comes in with a big right hand to Shelley's face before taking Sabin off the apron. Shelley tries for a superkick, but Storm rolls to the outside, where he eats a round kick from Sabin. Back in the ring we get some great double team work from the Guns on Roode.

Sabin tags in and we get some double team on Storm's arm. Storm is able to come right back though with a high knee, but he gets tagged rom behind by Brother Ray. Ray locks up with Sabin and goes to work on his arm, taking him down to the mat, and wrenching down again. Ray goes to the well once to often and Sabin is able to turn the tide with a couple of round kicks to the ribs. Sabin avoids an elbow drop, but he eats a big right hand and a big boot from Ray. D-Von tags in and we get a backbreaker/leg drop combo that's good for a near fall that's broken up by Shelley. Shelley leap frogs D-Von and hits a dropkick, but when he tries to slingshot himself on top of Bubba on the outside, Ray moves and Sabin crashes.

Ray rolls Sabin back into the ring where D-Von goes to work, slamming Sabin down. D-Von goes for the cover and it's broken up by Storm. Ray tags in and hits a big chop to Sabin before knocking both members of BMI off the ring apron. Bubba slams Sabin down and climbs to the second rope, but when he goes for the senton, Sabin moves and as able to tag in Shelley. Shelley comes in as a house of fire, working over both members of 3D. Shelley goes for a double cross body and he's caught, but Sabin dropkicks Shelley and connects to hit the cross body. miscommunication causes both members of 3D to collide when Ray goes for the dive. Sabin dives out of the ring and hits BMI. Shelley tries for a double stomp on Ray, but Roode tags in and hits a sick running clothesline on Shelley.

Storm is in and BMI hit a double team suplex on Shelley before doing their Beer Money chant. Roode crotches Shelley on the middle turnbuckle before hitting a falling neckbreaker. Roode tags in and slams Shelley down. Storm hits an elbow drop and Roode hits a knee drop before locking in a rear chin lock. Shelley fights out, but he gets a running back elbow for his trouble. Storm tags back in and hits Shelley with a big right hand. Roode locks in a rear chin lock of his own. Shelley fights back up to his feet but he gets a right hand. Shelley avoids a dive from Storm, and hits an enzugiri, but Roode tags in and stops Shelley from making the tag. Roode tries for a suplex but Shelley lands on his feet and is able to make the tag to Sabin who comes in as a house of fire.

The Guns almost get the pin but D-Von is in and it all start to break down. Everyone is in and 3D start throwing bodies to the outside. It's down to 3D and BMI. Ray hits a bionic elbow on Storm, and 3D hits a doomsday decive on Roode. Sabin hits a springboard cross body out of nowhere and goes for the pin on Ray, but he only gets two. 3D throws Sabin out of the ring, and set up for a 3D on Roode. Storm comes in and spits beer in D-Von's eyes. Guns hits Roode with a double team in the corner before hitting a neckbreaker/cross body combo. Sabin pins Ray, and gets the three count.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders: The Motor City Machine Guns

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