Backstage Team 3D are complaining, Ray is talking about how his eyes still burn. Ink Inc walk in and compliment them on their match. 3D compliment them on their first shot tonight, and Ray says to be careful. Moore says that the Book of DILLIGAF says they'll be the new champions tonight. Ink Inc walks out. Ray is pissed because Neal said they would take care of 3D tonight.

- We get a video package highlighting the history between Doug Williams and Kazarian leading up to the next match, including Doug Williams being stripped of the Title even though he wasn't able to be present due to an erupting volcano.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Kazarian (c) vs. Doug Williams

Both men lock up and Kaz backs Williams into the corner where he breaks clean, kind of. Another lock up, and Williams is able to lock in a front chancery, before switching it all around and taking KAz down to the match. Kaz locks in a headscissors, but Williams powers out of it. Both men are back on their feet and they lock up. Williams takes Kaz down again and they trade holds on the mat. Back up to their feet and Williams backs Kaz into the corner to break things up. Shoulderblock from Williams and he locks in another front chancery. Kaz fights out of it and hits an arm drag going right into the arm bar.

Another arm drag from Kaz right into another arm bar. Kaz scissors the arm and also goes to work on Williams' wrist. Williams fights out of it, flips Kaz over, and they trade holds yet again. Kaz comes out on top, but Williams utilizes the ropes to break the hold. Kaz goes to work on Williams' arm again and Williams bails to the apron but Kaz won't let go. Kaz kicks Williams to the floor. Williams rolls back into the ring and Kaz hits a crazy slingshot dive into a roll up for a near fall. More mat wrestling from both men and Kaz tries to go for the pin, but Williams bridges out of it. Williams fights back up to hits feet and take Kaz down for a near fall, and Kaz bridges out. Williams takes Kaz to his butt in a neck tie submission dropping back with his knees in Kaz's back. Kaz turns it right around into the same hold on Williams.

Kaz puts Williams on the top rope, but Williams fights down to the mat, and tosses Kaz from the top, where Kaz faceplants into the entrance stage. Kaz makes it back to the apron at six, but Kaz catches him with a neckbreaker in the ropes that sends Kaz right back down. Kaz rolls back into the ring and Williams gets right on him, locking him in a front face lock, and scooting to the outside where he slams Kaz into the apron chest first. Back in the ring and Williams locks in another front head lock, but Kaz fights out of it, suplexing Williams into the ropes before dropkicking him to the outside into the guard rail. Kaz slingshots himself to the outside with a cross body block to take out Williams.

Back in the ring, Kaz hits a springboard dropkick, going high risk again, and both men are down. Both get up at about four, and Kaz hits a clothesline/forearm/spinkick combo before hitting a big swinging neckbreaker that's good for a two count. Kaz charges Williams into the corner, and Williams almost hits the chaos theory, but Kaz counters into a roll up for a near fall. Williams back body drops Kaz to the apron, but Kaz comes right back with a slingshot DDT that's good for another two count. Both men are up and Williams hits a couple of head butts and a big clothesline to put Kaz down. Williams hits a running knee in the corner and he teases going to the top but waves it off. Back in the ring Kaz is able to fight back, hitting a springboard back elbow.

Williams hit a ridiculous buckle bomb, and it looked really bad, like Kaz may have a concussion after this. Williams hits a suplex and goes for a pin but Kaz kicks out. Kaz hits what looks to be a reverse Russian leg sweep, but it's not enough to keep Williams down. Kaz fights out of a pile driver with a back body drop, and he sends Williams to the top. He goes for an electric chair drop, but Williams fights out of it, and hits a chaos thoery. Williams pins Kaz, and this one is over.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Doug Williams

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