Chelsea and Desmond are arguing over who's idea this whole thing was. Chelsea asks Desmond is he thinks about what will happen if Abyss wins. Wolfe says he's fully aware of what's at stake. Wolfe says she's his, not Abyss' or anyone elses'. Chelsea says she doesn't want the ring anymore, and wants Wolfe to call the whole thing off. Wolfe says it's not all about Chelsea, because the TNA Rankings also come out this week, and a win will help him in the standings. Chelsea is still freaking out. Wolfe says nevermind, because she'll always be his.

- We get a video package of the past few months and what has led up to the knockout championship match, starting with the ridiculous Lockbox match, all the way up to Tara challenging Madison and putting her career on the line.

Knockouts Title vs. Career
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Tara

Rayne actually tells TBP to go to the back, that she's got this. Tara attacks from behind sending Rayne out to the ramp, but Rayne fights right back, sending Tara into the ring. In the ring, Rayne hits a running knee and locks in a submission, but Tara fights right out of it. Tara crawls to the outside, and Rayne stomps on her arm. Rayne goes to the apron and Tara sweeps her leg out from under her. Tara sends Rayne face first into the ring apron before rolling her back into the ring and getting a quick near fall. Tara argues with the ref, and it allows Rayne to get a couple of quick roll ups on Tara. Rayne goes for pin after pin before just hitting a big clothesline. Tara begs off before hitting a face buster and backing Rayne into the corner. Tara sends Rayne across the ring by her hair.

Tara hits a suplex and floats right over into a guillotine choke that turns into a front face lock, but Madison fights out of it and kicks Tara away. Rayne starts to fight back and takes Tara off her feet with a couple of big right hands before kicking Tara in the side of the head. Rayne gets caught with a short arm clothesline from Tara, and Tara tries for the widow's peak, but Madison fights out of it. Tara goes for the widow's peak again, but Rayne rolls out to the floor.

Tara sends Rayne back into the ring where she goes right for a big slam. Tara goes to the top rope and hits a big moonsault, going right for the pin. Rayne kicks out at two and Tara looks like she's losing it. Tara kicks away at Rayne and goes right back to the top rope. Another moonsault, but Rayne rolls out of the way. Rayne hits a crazy neckbreaker on her shin, and she goes for the pin, getting the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockout Champion: Madison Rayne

After the match, Rayne celebrates with her title on the way up the ramp, as Tara comes to the realization that her time in TNA is over. Thank you Tara chants from the crowd. Tara gets choked up before going over and grabbing her pet tarantula and showing it off for the crowd. Security comes out and apparently they are there to escort Tara to the back. She goes, while getting lots of love from the crowd.

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