Chelsea vs. Ring
Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss

We get a video package of the events that led up to this match, focusing on Wolfe trying to frame Abyss for attacking Chelsea.

Desmond Wolfe is the first man out to the ring accompanied by Chelsea. Abyss is out behind Wolfe before Desmond even gets to the ring and he attacks. Abyss pounds on Wolfe on the entrance ramp, and Wolfe falls out to the floor. Chelsea tries to go to the back, but the ref grabs her and says she must stay ringside. Wolfe tries to fight back, throwing his robes into Abyss' face, but Abyss fights right back, sending him into the ring. Wolfe kicks Abyss and hits him with a right hand, but when he tries for a cross body he bounces off of Abyss' chest. Abyss pounds on Wolfe for a bit on the mat. Wolfe starts to fight back with a couple of forearms, but he walks right into a couple of clotheslines from Abyss. Abyss signals for the chokeslam, and Chelsea is up to distract Abyss. Wolfe hits a shoulderblock, sending Abyss to the floor.

Wolfe goes out to the floor where he sends Abyss shoulder first into the ring post. Wolfe sends Abyss back into the ring, where he kicks at Abyss' arm before working over the wrist and elbow, locking in a top wristlock. Abyss is able to power out of it, but Wolfe comes right back with a big boot to Abyss' shoulder. Wolfe wrenches at Abyss' arm, taking him off of his feet. Wolfe continues to work over the shoulder and elbow of Abyss, with a great over the neck arm bar. Abyss gets back to his feet, and punches his way out of this hold. Wolfe answers with a couple of shoulder blocks, but on the fourth Abyss comes with a shoulder block of his own that takes Wolfe off of his feet. Wolfe turns right back to the Arm with another top wristlock.

Abyss fights out again, and Desmond is quick with a knee to the midsection. Abyss tries for a chokeslam, and when Desmond fights out of it, he gets a kick to the chest instead. Clothesline in the corner from Abyss followed by a side slam is good enough for a two count, and Chelsea is looking upset on the outside. Abyss signals for the chokeslam again, and he gets Desmond in position, but Wolfe goes to the arm and snaps Abyss down with a quick DDT that's good for a two count. Abyss works over Abyss in the corner, hitting a giant running European uppercut. Wolfe goes for another series of shoulder blocks to Abyss's injured arm. Wolfe tries for the rebound lariat, but Abyss catches him with a chokeslam. Chelsea is down and Abyss catches her in chokeslam position. Chelsea throws in her purse and is able to distract the ref and Wolfe grabs some brass knuckles. Wolfe hits Abyss and pins him, but Abyss kicks out at two.

A couple of shots from Wolfe have no effect on Abyss as he Hulks up. Abyss hits a giant black hole slam, pins Wolfe, and gets the three count.

Winner of the match, and Chelsea's services for 30 days: Abyss

After the match, Chelsea looks terrified. Abyss stalks down the ramp, gets in her face, and says he'll see her on Thursday.

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