Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson. Anderson actually calls down the mic backstage. He calls Christy Kristin. He mocks Jeff Hardy, and asks if he could possibly be one of the creatures of the night. He tells Hemme to close her eyes. He says he's sitting in the front row with his face painted and a pair of panties on his head, and he's chanting 'Let's go Hardy' and 'This is awesome'. He says he doesn't need or want to do that because he's an asshole. He says while Hardy has his fans, he has a following, and he likes to call them Anderson's assholes, and tonight, they will loudly and proudly drown out the creatures of the night as they proclaim the winner of the match, once again, Mr. Anderson. He let's the crowd do it, and thanks the assholes, before walking off, and coming back in with another Anderson.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is out to the ring first to a big pop, despite the giant pop that Mr. Anderson just got in the backstage area. Anderson jumps Hardy as soon as he gets in the ring. We get some 'I'm an asshole' chants from the crowd. Another lock up, and Anderson buries his knee in Hardy's midsection before punching and stomping away at him. Hardy fights back, picking Anderson up and dropping him right down on his back. Hardy tries for a flying clothesline, but Anderson ducks it and Hardy flies out to the floor. Anderson follows Hardy to the outside, where he sends him back first into the ring apron. Anderson rolls Hardy back into the ring where he goes for an elbow drop, but Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy comes back, hitting a running clothesline in the corner, before following it up with another and pounding away at Anderson. Hardy tries for the corner dropkick, but Anderson gets his foot up to block it.

Anderson puts his knee to Hardy's ribs, before trying for a quick pin that's good for a two count. Anderson pounds on Hardy in the corner, and when Hardy tries to fight back, Anderson is right there with a series of right hands to Hardy's face. Anderson picks Hardy up and goes to work, pounding on him before locking in a low abdominal stretch. Hardy is able to fight up and out of it, but he walks right into another knee from Anderson that's good for another near fall. Anderson heads up to the second rope and he jumps off. Hardy gets his boot off, but Anderson catches it and hits an elbow drop.

Anderson just pounds away at Hardy, trying for another pin attempt, but he still can't keep Hardy down for three. Anderson picks Hardy up and locks in a regular abdominal stretch. Hardy fights out of it, and tries for a headscissors in the corner, but Anderson tosses his feet over and Hardy ends up crotched on the top rope. Anderson charges Hardy, but he finds himself backdropped over the top rope out onto the entrance ramp. Hardy goes under the ring and grabs a chair, which he sets up on the entrance ramp. Hardy backs up down the ramp, charges at Anderson, and uses the chair to get air to hit a leg lariat to send Anderson and himself back into the ring. Hardy tries for a pin but he only gets two.

Anderson and Hardy trade blows in the middle of the ring, and Hardy gets the better of it, hitting a series of clotheslines and a quick neckbreaker. Hardy sends Anderson into the corner, hits a clothesline, and follows it up with a clothesline. Hardy goes for another pin, but it's only good for two. Hardy goes for a suplex, but Anderson fights out and hits a standing Green Bay plunge that's good for a two count. Anderson tries for the mic check, but Hardy fights out of it. Anderson sends Hardy into the ropes, and turns him around, connecting with the mic check. Anderson goes for the pin and Hardy is able to get to the ropes. Another pin and Hardy kicks out at two.

Hardy catches Anderson with a couple of quick kicks before hitting a big front suplex. Hardy climbs to the top rope, but he goes back down to the mat and stomps at Anderson's back. Hardy hits the twist of fate, pulls off his shirt, and goes to the top rope, but Anderson cuts him off. Anderson hits Hardy with a couple of big right hands, and he shoulder Hardy. Hardy is able to fight out of it, and Anderson falls to the mat, with Hardy landing on top of Anderson's head. Hardy climbs to the top rope and hits a swanton bomb to Anderson's back. Hardy goes for the cover and gets three.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Hardy celebrates, and Anderson grimaces. Hardy motions up for the microphone, but it doesn't come down. Anderson opens his hand, and extends it to Hardy. Hardy backs off without shaking Anderson's hand.

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