Christy Hemme is backstage with Ric Flair and AJ Styles. Flair says he knows AJ will bring back the gold. AJ says these are dark times for TNA. The man holding the title has no business doing so. RVD won the title on a fluke and Styles will prove it, not only for him, but also for Ric Flair, because he deserves to be surrounded by greatness. Styles says he'll make RVD's run seem like a blip on the radar, and there's two things RVD can do about it. Nothing, and like it.

- We get a video package, showing Sting's return to TNA after hiatus, and his building feud with Jeff Jarrett.

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett is out to the ring first, announced as the founder of TNA and the King of the Mountain. Jarrett doesn't come out, and Tenay says there's something going on backstage. Sting is assaulting Jarrett backstage and Jeff is already busted open. Sting sends Jarrett into a couple of metal lockers. Sting locks in an arm bar, using his bat, and wrenches back. Sting uses his bat to beat Jarrett to the ringside area.

Sting beats Jarrett up to the announce area, before they go down toward the ring. Sting beats Jarrett all around the ringside area, sending him into the barricade, and Jarrett is bleeding profusely. Sting dismantles the ring steps before sending Jarrett face first into them. Sting picks up Jarrett before smashing him in the back of the leg with his baseball bat. Sting traps Jarrett's arm on the ring steps, under his baseball bat, and stomps straight down. Sting continues to use his baseball bat to work over Jarrett's arm, trapping it and dragging him around the ringside area.

Sting finally tosses Jarrett into the ring. He climbs in after him, hits the Scorpian death drop, and pins Jarrett, winning the match as soon as it officially begins.

Winner: Sting

After the match, Sting screams at Jarrett before circling him for a little bit. Sting leans down with a mic in his hand, saying if Jarrett wants to play the deception game, he's no different than 'those guys' and they'll pay just like he did tonight. Medical staff is out to check on Jarrett and Sting continues to circle with his bat in hand.

Sting watches as the medics try to 'pop Jarrett's shoulder back into place'. They bring out a stretcher, and the crowd is actually chanting for Sting. Sting walks out to the entrance ramp, and he watches as Jarrett is carries out of the ring. Sting stops the medics once they get him out of the ring, and he shoves Jarrett off of the stretcher. Hogan is out, and Sting climbs back in the ring, laughing and twirling his bat. Hogan checks on Jarrett, and he walks out with the medics.

Main event time!!

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