-- WWE NXT rookies David Otunga, Darren Young, Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel were all booked on the Canadian house show loop this weekend. On the tour, the RAW main events featured John Cena and Randy Orton defeating Sheamus and Ted DiBiase, while the SmackDown! main events had Big Show beating Jack Swagger by DQ.

-- Bill Jenkins, the Secretary of the Connecticut State Central Committee, had this to say about Linda McMahon's candidacy: "As delegates to the Republican convention, we have been asked to make a critically important decision that will have ramifications for our entire Republican ticket this November. The decision is not one that I have taken lightly, and I have spent the last six months investigating the records of the candidates and weighing the options available. And that investigation has led to some very troubling revelations about Mrs. McMahon, a candidate who has been investigated by Congress, has seen her company indicted by the federal government for steroid distribution, and misrepresented her educational credentials and background in order to gain an appointment to the State Board of Education from which to launch her Senatorial bid. It seems all too clear that a so-called crime fighting Attorney General could steamroll a scandal-plagued opponent and equally clear that a McMahon candidacy would have a negative impact our on entire Republican ticket in November, and our Party's brand into the future."

-- The Waterbury Republican-American has a Linda McMahon article today, saying that although she talks about making US jobs, all WWE toys are made in China. Mattel makes the toys for WWE, and it is that company who has the factories in China.

-- Hulk Hogan appeared on the Wendy Williams show on Friday to promote his book. He told the story about Laila Ali saving him from suicide, and confessed that he has hair extensions. He did mention TNA, and Williams plugged Impact as airing Monday nights on Spike.

-- An article on Randy Orton having trouble getting over as a face is available at slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling

-- Brett DiBiase underwent knee surgery for a torn ACL earlier today with Dr. James Andrews. The injury was not as bad as initially thought, and the knee could become stronger than ever with rehab. Beth Phoenix is scheduled for knee surgery with Dr. Andrews tomorrow.

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