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A WrestleMania 26 recap video airs.

Biggest pops when shown on-screen were Bret Hart and Edge. Biggest boo's went to HBK and John Cena.

The crowd is said to be hot. Arena is about 3/4 full.

Lots of WHOOO's in the arena.
Dos Caras w/o a mask is out first to marginal heat from the crowd. Primo Colon is out next to a decent pop. This is a dark match. Primo wins a short but decent match in about five minutes with a reverse flying body off the top rope.

Michael Cole is out to major heat. Big pop for Jerry Lawler.

Kozlov is out first for WWE Superstars to major heat. Santino is out next to a massive pop. His hometown is Mississauga which is about twenty minutes outside of Toronto. Santino takes the mic and says stuff about Mixed Martial Arts. He says Kozlove shouldn't be fighting and instead they should be teaming up. Lots of Rocky references. Very long rambling promo. Santino tries to start a USA chant but the crowd doesn't buy it. Kozlov pummels Santino with headbutts and a pump handle slam. Lasted 20 seconds after the long promo.

A RAW promo is shown on-screen.

WWE returns to Toronto on Friday, September 10th.
Goldust is out next to a babyface pop. William Regal is out next to major heat. Goldust wins with the curtain call after Regal misses a running high knee. Regal controlled most of the match working the left arm of Goldust. Ref stopped the match halfway through and the doctor had to fix Golddust's ear as it looked like it got cut open. Crowd booed due to the temporary stoppage.

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