-- Gregory Davis sent this one in: During a commercial break last night on another network, there were two short 10 second commercials featuring John Cena promoting Gillette ProGlide. It appears that there are hidden cameras in a high-end work washroom, and Cena keeps popping up to surprise someone, encouraging them to "take the proglide challenge." Gillete's YouTube channel has a one-minute video on the various people that Cena is surprising. You can check that out at youtube.com/gillette

-- WWE.com has listed their top 25 Big Men in WWE history.

-- Beth Phoenix has ACL surgery this morning at 7AM. She posted the following on her Twitter…

"Surgery scheduled for 7 am tues...should be in recovery room by 11 am...protein shake at 11:01 am...rehab begins at 11:02. Better Than Ever.

Well WWE Universe...here we go! About to go get prepped before surgery! Feels weird to not be preparing for a match tonight."

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