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How cool it is to be back in Toronto where I have so many fond memories. I'm presently in town trying to catch up with a million friends and still trying to shake off my reoccurring disbelief that I'm the United States Champion for the fifth time. I ask myself if that means that I'm the best wrestler in the United States? Does this somehow top the Hart Foundation's 19-second win over The Bolsheviks at WrestleMania

VI? Does this top peeling off a Tie Domi jersey and Hitmen jersey to reveal a steel chest plate that knocked Bill Goldberg out cold? I also find it oddly amusing that I won the US title in Canada. A few years ago when I did Aladdin, I thought in a crazy kind of way, that those shows were going to be my last wrestling performances of sorts. I had made peace with that. It was really cool that I had some cast members from Aladdin in the front row. My buddy, Jonny Ellul, one-half of "Weenie and Beans" in the play, was there to cheer me on which makes me laugh as I think about it because of the memory of promising him that he would ultimately be the last person that I would ever put in the Sharpshooter. After clamping it on The Miz Monday night and Vince McMahon at WrestleMania, it seems this was one promise that I could never keep. It was also really cool that my legendary childhood favorite wrestler Sweet Daddy Siki came out to support me.

It also turned out to be a uniquely beautiful birthday trip full of surprises for my daughter Beans, who celebrated her 22nd birthday that night. I'm truly grateful for this moment to be here in Toronto celebrating one of the craziest weeks of my thousand-year old career. I can't wait to tell Kyra that her grandpa just won the United States championship in front of the world with Natalya, David Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd cheering me on along with the rest of the Air Canada Centre. I go to sleep tonight believing in my heart that this was one last great little moment for my fans all over the world.

I hope to be posing with my US title belt with the Calgary Hitmen in the Memorial Cup next Sunday. Go Hitmen go!

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