WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

Sting In WWE: "Will Sting ever wrestle in WWE? Damned if I know. Does he really 'need' to wrestle in WWE? I wonder why Sting at this stage of his life is even wrestling in TNA. I do think that Sting can make significant money when he fulfills his TNA obligation by participating in a DVD covering his career that WWE can produced using the multiple hours of tape from Crockett and WCW of Sting. I actually called some of his earliest matches in his career,I mean very early, when he teamed with 'Rock' aka Ultimate Warrior as the Bladerunners that were going to be Bill Watts' counter to the Road Warriors. Those tapes are owned by Ene Watts and family but WWE should continue to try and buy this timeless library."

On Jim Cornette: Emailers calling me out on me thinking that the recent Jim Cornette rant was much to do about nothing. Corney knows how to play an audience like Charlie Daniels knows how to play a fiddle. I'd bet a case of J.R.'s Original BBQ Sauce that J.C's on line traffic at jimcornette.com increased greatly when he manipulated all those who were gullible enough to take the bait. That won't be JC's last rant I assure you and the more out spoken and crazy he gets the more goods he sells. There is a method to his madness I assure you. Would I have had the Spalding's to do what Cornette did? Hell, no.

Working With Jerry Lawler Again: "The King and I are brainstorming about doing some appearances together in the upcoming months to put the old, Raw broadcast team back together and have some fun."

On Closing JR's Family BBQ: Life is getting back to normal as we know it with a weekend full of wacky weather including softball size hail and the closing of our Norman restaurant. For the record, we flipped our 2nd J.R.'s to a Louie's Sports Grill in Moore, Oklahoma just a few months after it was opened. We made a mistake and built it too big including a huge, sports type bar which made no sense after the fact when one was attempting to promote a 'family restaurant.' Another case of too many cooks in the kitchen. It happens in the restaurant biz just like the wrestling biz. We had a great learning experience, kept our losses under control, and are already 'over it' and moving positively forward. Thanks to all of you that have contacted us with your well wishes as they are very thoughtful.

His Professional Future: "We're having an interesting week on the professional front. Not much more I can say than that but multiple things are in motion and somewhere soon I want to fish or cut bait. I apologize if this insane ordeal seems to be dragging on endlessly but I am in a very unique position not only as it relates to opportunities outside my usual areas of expertise but the option to not do any thing full time and work on the book and make a few appearances which has been suggested to me by those close to the situation. That feels like semi retirement and I really dislike the 'retirement' word. Then on the other hand, there are areas of interest that I have that would be new and likely invigorating. Sitting in the back yard by the pool working on my first book does have some merit. Or moving to another locale IE Hawaii and doing more writing is another thought. I kinda like that idea."

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