-- Joey Styles tweeted the following about Daniel Bryan's storyline 'attack' on Michael Cole this week on NXT: "I'm a long time Daniel Bryan fan but wrestlers shouldn't assault announcers, not even Cole. The kid is dangerous and a legal liability. After NXT last night, I interviewed Daniel Bryan and Michael Cole. I don't think Cole and I are ever going to friendly while I'm with WWE. I'm still smiling about Daniel Bryan's NXT rant and attack of an announcer. I did the same about 4 years ago and it was very cathartic."

-- Wednesday night's episode of Jeopardy featured the following question: "For WWE fans, Jan. 25, 2010 was this night 'RAW' in the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio." Yes, the answer was "Monday."

-- It's worth noting that Madison Rayne's triumph over Tara at Sunday's Sacrifice pay-per-view was her first singles match victory in her entire TNA career. She joined the organization over a year ago.

-- Shelly Martinez, who was 'Ariel' in WWE and 'Salinas' in TNA, will reveal a new "superhero" character at the Los Angeles Rock N' Con the weekend of May 28th.

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