* Chris Sabin b Max Buck

iMPACT! for 6/3 and 6/10:
* Various matches taped for Impact, mostly for the 6/10 show but some of these matches may appear on 6/3. But it's the go-home show for Slammiversary:

* Brian Kendrick b Homicide - likely Homicide's punishment for his interview of a couple of weeks back

* The new top heel group, A.J. Styles, Kazarian, Desmond Wolfe and Beer Money came out without Ric Flair. Styles said he is now in charge with Flair not there. Styles said they are in an eight-man tag match but there are five of them, so he said Kazarian will sit out the match. Ric Flair's music played, but it was Jay Lethal, pretending to be Flair. Lethal did a Flair promo saying how Styles will never be the man, Ric Flair is the man, and he said, "right now you're looking at a wrestling God." Lethal then introduces his team, himself, Abyss, Mr. Anderson and the fourth guy is Abyss, because he counts twice. Lethal did a total Flair as babyface routine.

* Roxxi & Rosie Lottalove b Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich - Roxxi pinned Von Erich. Heels, including Madison Rayne, did a post-match beatdown.

* Matt Morgan is in Eric Bischoff's office wanting to know who his new tag team partner is.

* Morgan is waiting for his partner when Hogan's music played. Hogan cuts a promo, calling Morgan the biggest crybaby in the industry. Hogan said how Morgan backstabs every partner he's ever had. Hernandez then came out and attacked Morgan. Hernandez choked Morgan out with his shirt and Morgan went out on a stretcher. The Band then came out. They said Eric Young had a singles match with Morgan so Young pinned Morgan before they stretchered him out.

* Jesse Neal, with Shannon Moore, calls out Bubba Dudley. Bubba and Devon came out. All the security hit the ring. Neal told Bubba to say whatever his problem is to his face. Moore than called Bubba a douchebag. That's the other Bubba. Devon told Moore that it's between Bubba and Moore and to stay out of it. Devon told Bubba to leave the kid alone. Bubba then uses the distraction to attack Neal and the security then jumped in for the pull-apart.

* Kurt Angle said since he's wrestling Kazarian on the PPV, he wants the best wrestler in the X Division as his opponent.

* Angle b Amazing Red clean. Believe it or not, there was no distraction, interference or post-match beatdown. How is this possible?

* Styles & Wolfe & Beer Money b Lethal & Abyss & Anderson & Jeff Hardy when Styles pinned Lethal. Styles & Wolfe & Beer Money then held up four fingers like they are the new Four Horsemen.

* Sting, wearing the title belt he stole from RVD, attacked RVD. They fight all over the arena, and end up in the ring. Sting destroyed RVD with numerous chair shots. He then tells RVD the belt is a deception and throws it on him. Sting leaves, but Hogan comes out and goes aftger Sting. Hogan & RVD then double-team Sting and RVD laid him out with a frog splashy.

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