Linda McMahon's campaign issued the following statement late last night…

Moments ago, our campaign won the endorsement at the Connecticut Republican Party state convention.

We're incredibly pleased with the growing momentum behind our campaign and the better-than-expected show of support we received from Republican leaders and activists across our state.

Elections are about contrasts, and Connecticut Republicans today sent a clear and resounding message that they intend to challenge the Washington establishment and its hand-picked candidate with a political outsider.

This election will be a choice between an outsider running to shake up Washington and a career politician eager to join the establishment. It will be a contrast between real-world business experience and government experience. It will be a choice between something different and more of the same.

It is little wonder we have drawn to a statistical dead heat with Dick Blumenthal so quickly.

I'm very honored to have earned my party's endorsement and nomination, and I am determined to lead our party to victory in November.

Let's keep the momentum going straight through to Election Day.

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